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In late March all its new Motorola processors

A few more weeks and we will know all about the new generation Motorola processor.

The MPC 7457, this is the name of the successor to the current MPC 7455, will in fact be the focus of a series of meetings and seminars that the company of the Smart Network Developer Forum that will be held in Dallas from March 23 to 26 next.

The meeting agenda is full of appointments all focused precisely on the MPC 7457. We will talk about its architecture, its consumption, how to migrate applications and hardware to the new processor. We will also know everything about its performance, a topic always of extreme and burning topicality for the Mac platform.

To date, Motorola has never officially mentioned the MPC 7457 (which will be followed by a low-consumption version called 7447) of which development was learned only through some documents leaked unofficially from Schaumburg.

The technical data of the MPC 7457 would be interesting: circuitry at 0.13 microns, speed up to 1.8 GHz (but the starting point would be lower), 512 KB of cache directly on board and up to 4 MB of level 3 cache .

The MPC 7457 is expected to go into production by spring and be available for a revision of the PowerMac G4 expected between August and September.

(Thanks to Christos Robotis for reporting)