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In Germany, it is illegal to measure the temperature upon entering the Apple Stores

In Germany, it is illegal to measure the temperature upon entering the Apple Stores

Among the measures planned by Apple (and by other companies) to deal with the emergency COVID-19 and return to normal work, measuring fever using thermoscanners at the entrance of shops and offices, another tool that could be decisive in the battle against coronavirus even when the so-called contagion index R0 is low.

The temperature measurement should take place at the entrance to all places where there are people working but in some countries this measurement may not be legal.

In Germany, the Hessian LNder data protection agency reports whether the temperature measurement violates European standards on the protection of privacy. We are still investigating to understand the actual possibility of using this tool but the verification procedure provided by Apple and other companies before welcoming customers, may not be legitimate.

The complex issue and the problem of body temperature measurements also affects workers at the time of access to the workplace and provisions on labor law and privacy / data protection. Whoever disputes this measure shows that it has not been said that all those who exceed the indicated body temperature are infected by Covid-19; in the same way, not having said that people with temperatures below the threshold have not been infected.

In Germany it is illegal to measure the temperature when entering the Apple StoresApple Dusseldorf

In Germany, Apple began reopening the retail stores on May 11, mainly offering assistance and support with the Genius Bars. There are restrictions on the number of people who can enter the stores to ensure social distancing. The German stores are also operating at shorter hours pending to know new measures envisaged by Apple regarding the interaction between employees and customers and to understand the procedures that employees will have to follow in order to work safely while staying in the shops.

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