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In Elon Musk's video the Tesla car speaks to pedestrians

Le auto Tesla parleranno ai pedoni

Don't be surprised when you hear a Tesla car talking to pedestrians. The function could be used to warn of the arrival of the car coming from behind: the new goal that Tesla aims to achieve by using a series of speakers integrated outside the passenger compartment, thus solving the problem caused by the extremely silent electric vehicle engines.

Especially if you are wearing a pair of headphones, a pedestrian may in fact not notice the car that is moving nearby. This is already a danger today when traditional vehicles transit, let alone when most of them will be fully electric cars, without an internal combustion engine that necessarily generates noise during movement.

tesla speaks to pedestrians

The idea that partly shared Elon Musk through his favorite social network as we said was to install a series of speakers to announce the arrival of the car to pedestrians, in this way each Tesla car will speak to pedestrians. It is not clear whether the intention is to simulate the rumble of an internal combustion engine, if pre-recorded announcements will be played or if the driver will be allowed to speak through pedestrians with pedestrians in the immediate vicinity.

At the moment, as shown by the video published by Tesla's CEO, an announcement is being played by a rather anachronistic robotic voice when compared to the evolution that Siri and the other virtual assistants have achieved in recent years, so it is reasonable to expect an important improvement of the system before its actual distribution.

We do not even know if the reproduction of this sound takes place automatically through the recognition of one or more pedestrians nearby through cameras and sensors or if the driver himself must manually manage the distribution of these announcements.

Recall however that, at least in Europe, that of making a noise for electric cars that has become a legal requirement for road safety purposes, so it is not surprising that Tesla is working in this direction. Just last year the company said it wanted to add new sound effects to the horn: the new announcement does nothing but add meat to the fire.

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