IMazing 2 Review: the best software to manage iPhone and iPad

IMazing 2 Review: the best software to manage iPhone and iPad

Owners of iPhone and iPad know that to manage their iOS device you need to use iTunes. Born as a simple multimedia player, iTunes has, over the years, incorporated the management of various services offered by Apple. Music library, Apple Music, Podcasts, video and iOS device management are just a few examples of what Apple's desktop software offers. The most obvious problem is the heaviness of iTunes and its non-optimization and specialization. For this reason, for years, users have been clamoring for the spin-off of the services offered by iTunes in dedicated applications.

If you too, like me, are looking for an alternative software to iTunes to manage your iOS device, be it an iPhone or iPad, in this article I would like to propose you a solution. I would like to talk to you about iMazing 2, an application that allows you to manage iOS devices on both Mac and Windows PC. The purpose of this application is to transfer, backup and manage files between your mobile device and your PC, without using iTunes or iCloud.

Think of iMazing 2 like a software that includes all the management of iOS devices offered by iTunes, but not only. It also allows you to print your messages, transfer data from an old iOS device to a new one, extract specific files such as photos, videos, music or notes and much more. All features that Apple's software cannot provide.

iMazing 2: software to manage iPhone and iPad

iMazing 2 software to manage iPhone and iPad

iMazing 2 can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer's official website. At the end of its installation it is possible to connect an iPhone or iPad either via USB or Wi-Fi connection. The first time you use the software to manage iPhone and iPad, you cannot use the wireless connection. in fact, a first simple configuration was necessary first.

Backup your iOS device

software to manage iPhone and iPad backup

One of the main functions of iMazing 2 is the possibility to make a backup copy of iOS in a simple and fast way. There are many files supported and the list ranges from contacts, photos, messages, notes, data from the Health app, Safari bookmarks and data synchronized with Apple Watch. All this data will be stored on your PC and not on the cloud, as it would be in the case of backup via iCloud.

After connecting the iPhone or iPad to the PC / Mac, to start the backup, select the relevant button on the iMazing home page. A few clicks are needed to start the procedure. Selecting Automatic backup, for example, the default settings will be taken into consideration and the backup will start immediately. A very interesting function is that of automatic backup.

Installing the extension iMazing Mini You can have a quick view of your device connected to the PC (via USB cable or Wi-Fi). All through a quick icon that will go to the bar menu. Through this extension it is possible to automatically start a backup each time the iPhone or iPad is connected to the PC. In addition, a range of information about your iPhone is given, such as battery capacity.

software to manage iPhone and iPad battery

NOTE: iMazing mini currently available only for Mac. The version for Windows in progress.

If you want to make backups inaccessible, you can enable data encryption. just configure it the first time you perform a backup and all subsequent backups will be encrypted automatically.

Obviously iMazing 2 also allows the backups to be restored. iCloud and iTunes both enable you to restore from the last backup performed. But let's face it: how many times do we need to restore all the data that was stored in the backup phase?

In this operation I consider iMazing a more complete software. It allows to choose which data to restore, giving the possibility to recover only some data or specific applications. It is also possible to restore a backup on different iOS devices at once.

Transfer data from one device to another quickly

If you have just purchased a new device, this feature will come in very handy. iMazing allows you to quickly copy content from your old iOS device to a new one. Simply choose which types of data and apps to keep and the iMazing app takes care of the rest.

But what data types can be transferred? All those that are compatible with the backup phase! iMazing offers flexible customizations. It saves us time and helps you transfer only the data you really need.

Move files between iOS and PC

Currently if you want to transfer data from the PC to your iPhone and vice versa you must necessarily use iTunes or iCloud. In most cases this process is not very intuitive. For example, if you want to transfer photos from your PC to the iPhone, it could take you at least 15 minutes to do it with iTunes. Also, to be able to transfer music with your iPhone, you first need to import the library into iTunes and then synchronize your favorite music with the iPhone Music app. A real waste of time. Many in fact do not prefer to duplicate their songs to manage them with iTunes.

software to manage iPhone and iPad music

iMazing also simplifies these types of operations. In the main screen of the application there is a list of applications with which it is possible to communicate to transfer the files to the computer or to the iPhone. For example, by clicking on the Music application icon, we will be able to view all the songs on the phone. At this point, start the transfer very easily: simply select the songs you want to synchronize on the computer and drag them to the iMazing interface.

Vice versa, to transfer the songs from the iPhone to the PC, just select them then select the export button. You will be asked if you want to export the songs to iTunes or to a folder on your computer. All very simple and intuitive. Obviously all the songs of Apple Music or DRM protected cannot be managed by the software.

software to manage iPhone and iPad photos

The same procedure applies to other file types. For example, to manage photos simply click on the Photos app from the left side menu of iMazing. The list of all the photos on the iPhone will be shown. By dragging them on the desk, they will be saved on the PC. Instead, by dragging photos from the PC to iMazing, they will be imported to the iPhone. You can view all the albums that have been created in the photo app and manage them so as to keep the entire library organized.

software to manage iPhone and iPad files

also a call entry is present File System which allows you to transfer any type of nelliPhone file without importing it into a specific app. In this way it is possible to use the iOS device as a real hard disk.


iMazing 2 a great alternative to iTunes. It allows you to perform many of the operations offered by the Apple software in a simple and much faster way. There are also some operations that iTunes cannot make.

If you are interested in this software, you can download a free trial directly on the manufacturer's website. If you are convinced of its potential, you can buy the full version for the price of 44 for a single PC (Mac or Windows) or in a discount of 48 the version that offers 2 licenses.