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iMac no longer in stock on the Apple Store

Will it be the day of the release of the new iMacs?

The date of January 23 from various Mac sites that deal with rumors was indicated as the most likely for the launch of a review of the Cupertino all in one.

The signs that something is about to happen in the desktop range have multiplied over the past few weeks accelerating over the past few hours.

Shortly after Christmas, as our readers will remember, Apple has declared to retailers the impossibility of fulfilling orders for Pro and iMac products by continuing to deliver through the Apple Store.

On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday on the Apple Store Italy, the iMacs were all delivered for 10-12 days, a term that means, in fact, this is not available in stock, while until last Monday the only 15-inch iMac with CD- RW was in these conditions.

A change so sudden and across the range usually cannot mean that the online store is making room for something new even if it is impossible to say if it will really be today or tomorrow or maybe next week the launch date of the new iMacs.

And always on the subject of interesting news, note that together with the new delivery dates of the iMacs, the G4s are, at least at first glance, on the move.

Here the delivery date has been moved from 1-2 days to 6-8 days. To want to assign a precise meaning to this timing it could appear, therefore, that the new G4 are also coming soon and even before the iMac.

Those who are experts in the exploration of online stores will not be able to escape the fact that on the US store (where the iMacs are also out of stock), at least until this night, nothing changed in the timing for the orders of the Pro machines whose delivery Apple in able to meet in the day.

And if we want to continue in this sort of reading of coffee grounds, it is also worth noting that, as always, on the American online sales site, the 22-inch Cinema Display is also declared as undeliverable (time 7-10 days) when at the beginning week was available in 1-2 days, which could confirm that Apple's venerable first wide screen display is about to retire. The 22-inch Cinema Display instead still regularly on sale (delivery time 1-2 days) on European stores.

So what can we deduce from all this?

That, probably, Apple should closely update the iMacs, since none of its online stores are more available and that, probably shortly thereafter, perhaps the time to liquidate some stock still present in the US warehouse.

The new G4 could be presented in conjunction with the new 20.1-inch monitor which Macity has made known in recent days.

As always, all that remains is to wait and see. Stay tuned"!