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iMac, news on the motherboard

Among the novelties of the new iMacs there is the adoption of a new motherboard. We are talking about the one supplied with the iMac 17 which introduces new features never seen before in the consumer desktop range.

The main novelty is the adoption of a 133 MHz bus, the same that appears on more powerful machines of the Pro range, both portable and desktop.

And right from the range of laptops, at first glance, the motherboard seems to come. The specifications of the bus and the Ram, as well as the VGA output (previously absent) suggest that it is the same card that "moves" the 12-inch PowerBooks.

The 133 MHz bus, the PC2100 DDR SDRAM RAM at 266MHz combined with the GeForce4 MX video card, not to mention the 1 GHz processor, can represent a significant support to increase the performance of the iMac compared to its predecessors, including the 800 MHz version with 17 screen.

With the 1 GHz model it will become faster to play but also and above all, to use the Mac as an essential component for the digital hub. In particular, create and manage audio and video files.

Among the novelties, as mentioned, also the possibility of using an internal Bluetooth card and an Airport Extreme card, until yesterday options reserved only for Pro machines.

As for the 15-inch entry level machine, there are no substantial technical innovations. Only the recorder changes which now continues to read 8x DVDs and 32x CDs, but writes 32x CD-Rs (previously it was 12x) and 10x CD-RWs (previously 8x).