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iMac 17 ’€ ™, will you change from June?

It is not known yet how or when or if the iMac LCD will be renewed that we already think about the changes that they could undergo during the next spring.

An article published by the Taiwanese online newspaper Digitimes aroused interest on the subject.

According to local sources, in fact, Apple would have ordered the end of the current 17-inch version for next June.

To provide this information, most likely, some of the many local Apple suppliers to which Cupertino may have submitted an ideal roadmap in the coming months.

From the decision to suspend the production of the 17-inch model, if it is confirmed, it is not possible to deduce very thick considerations, especially if you think that the operation of this arrangement is still six months away. The only comment that can be made about the fact that the month of June will not mean the end of the 17-inch iMac LCD, but only the beginning of a renewal process that could flow, a few weeks or months later, into a renewed model. Just think that, again according to Digitimes, from last October Apple would no longer produce the 15-inch models that still remain on the market.

Ideally, one might think that the decision to suspend the 17-inch model could lead to a grand debut of a new series of iMacs for the Macworld Expo in July in New York, with entirely modified machines. This will not mean, therefore, the end of the iMac LCD and not even of the 17-inch model, but only a natural step forward in the process of renewing the range.