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IlSole24 hours in iPad and iPhone version

Even the Sole24ore arrives in version for iPad and iPhone. The Italian financial newspaper in fact released yesterday the application that brings the newspaper to both the Apple tablet and the phone. The program very similar to that of other newspapers; it is basically a "picker" which first downloads and then opens to the consultation of the daily edition, even if there is no lack of differences compared to the competition.

Among the special features to note is the fact that in vertical position on iPad Il Sole 24 ore also shows a list of the items of greatest interest in the lower part when the first page is opened; when inside a page, on the other hand, you can recall all the pages in an index-list that includes all the internal articles classified by page.

A button allows us to choose whether the double tap on the page causes direct zoom or if instead opens the article in text format. In this second case, together with the article, we will also have the photos that accompany it and the possibility of enlarging the text and saving the same article in a sort of personal archive for direct access. There are buttons to read the next article (if we are in article mode) or to move from one page to another (if we are in "newspaper" mode). When you download a daily edition, if we find a supplement on newsstands, this will also be included in the electronic edition.

The application also provides direct access to the Sole 24 Ore website, so as to read the online edition. You also have access to past issues that can be downloaded and archived; the application keeps up to 30 newspapers in the archive.

Overall, the impression on the basic functional that a program for browsing a good daily newspaper can offer, although probably a greater dynamism could be expected in the preview version; the passage from one page to another appears in fact rather tiring and slow. The consultation of the single articles in text mode appears instead well constructed; interesting is the possibility to see the text graphics (photos or tables) and to enlarge the words. Also the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcreating a personal archive of the articles that interest us most in order to read them in a subsequent interesting and functional phase.

Where Il Sole 24 ore sins, like all the competition for another, in multimedia functions that are not simply present in the current state of things. But to add videos and interactivity, the most complex process is certainly not the simply technical one, at the application code level. In fact, it is necessary to have a production and development infrastructure available which is currently partially present on the Internet sites of Italian newspapers but which, to be integrated with the editions on paper, which are in fact the main axis of the applications present on the Internet, are not they still have predisposed. At the moment, in short, for Il Sole 24 Ore we are simply faced with a marketing operation on a different channel and for a different support of the paper edition, not with the creation of a specific edition for iPad and for all the tablets that will follow and as such the application must be considered.

In practical terms Il Sole 24 Ore for iPad will interest all those who want to have an edition of the newspaper to browse and read more comfortably in some situations where it would not be (in the car, at home in the morning before going out) or maybe when you are there abroad or you simply don't have a newsstand handy.

Il Sole 24 Ore for iPad and iPhone free and freely downloadable. A daily edition that functions as a sort of demo can also be downloaded free of charge; during our test we also downloaded several back issues. The edition of the day of the Sole 24 Ore can be purchased for 79 cents; Subscriptions from 7 editions (4.99 euros), 30 editions (19.99 euros) and 365 editions (239.99 euros) are available

To download the application click here