Nuova offerta iliad per non udenti e non vedenti da 40 GB a 4,50 euro

Iliad may enter fixed line telephony in 2021

The number of iliad users continues to increase thanks to the offers without remodeling, rich in GB included, without hidden costs or constraints: the good news that the iliad revolution already underway on mobile and smartphones could also arrive in fixed telephony and internet subscriptions for the house much earlier than expected.

The plan to land one day also in fixed broadband connections has been known since the launch of iliad in Italy, but the initial project generally indicated a date far ahead of time, exactly by 2024. Lockdown, work and school from home, all remotely to have changed the situation, prompting the company to review and above all to accelerate its plans. Now it seems in fact that iliad could debut in fixed telephony and fixed broadband connections in Italy perhaps already next year.

Iliad may enter fixed line telephony in 2021

Until now Benedetto Levi, CEO of iliad Italia has always been vague in answering questions about the plans in question, but the latest interview granted is an exception and indicates a new course that will make all fans of the new mobile telephone operator happy. As stated by the executive in Milano Finanza For now I will just say that at least for 2020 our priority is to develop a stable, but true, mobile network infrastructure, there are a number of factors that brings us ever closer to fixed telephony.

The reference is associated with OpenFiber wholesale operator that allows access to the fixed network infrastructure in fiber up to homes, in the sector jargon indicated with the abbreviation FTTH, Fiber To The Home, all at lower costs than TIM. The manager does not mention names but certainly grants the fixed one a stronger need today than it was months ago and also that there are more and more customers asking us when we will leave.

Pending the first iliad offer for fixed telephony and broadband internet in the house lawful to fantasize. Those who have tried iliad know what a clear, all-inclusive subscription means, no hidden costs, no remodeling and no surprises, no strings attached, all at an affordable price. If the iliad plans propose all of this also for fixed telephony and internet at home, we can expect a new revolution.

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