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Iliad advances in Italy: over 5.8 million users, growing revenues

I clienti iliad sono oltre 5 milioni, la rete continua a potenziarsi ed espandersi

Coronavirus, restrictions and blockages do not stop the growth of iliad which continues in Italy with decidedly positive numbers: operator users rise to over 5.8 million, while revenues and the number of installations of new antennas and systems also increase.

Compared to the latest data that photographed the situation in December last year, when there were 5.3 million iliad users, the increase in the last quarter was a good 525,000 users. On the revenue front, iliad recorded € 150 million, a 7% growth compared to the previous quarter. A remarkable achievement bearing in mind the blockages for Coronavirus and also the 16% reduction in termination costs which came into force on January 1 of this year.

The operator also attributes this success to the formula of absolute clarity and zero reshaping of its plans, open to all and not only for those coming from specific operators.

Iliad advances in Italy: over 5.8 million users, growing revenues

In a particular moment like the one we have experienced in recent months, it was exciting to see all the people who work in iliad 100% mobilized to continue offering an ever better quality service to users who have chosen our offers to work, communicate and have fun. This test makes us even more determined in continuing to contribute to the digitalization of the country and to respect the trust that more than 5.8 million people give us.

In addition to the constant increase in iliad users up to 5.8 million, the installation of new antennas and systems for the proprietary network continues. About 900 sites have been activated since the beginning of the year, reaching a total of 2,900 active plants and over 5,000 radio sites installed at the end of April. The stated goal is to reach 5,000 active sites by the end of 2020.

iliad 5.8 million

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