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IK Multimedia iKlip Stand, lectern stand for iPad

iKlip Stand di IK Multimedia, supporto a leggio per iPad

IK Multimedia has announced the start of the distribution of iKlip Stand, an iPad lectern rests or hangs on the table and desk for correct positioning and ergonomic use of the tablet.

The accessory made of thermo-plastic, can be assembled in a few minutes and offers two different adjustment points, which allow you to customize the perspective on the iPad, the height and the inclination. A ball head allows you to adjust the orientation. The distinctive point of clip stands the jaw, included in the package together with the actual table stand, which also allows you to firmly fix the lectern to the edge of a table, freeing up space on the desk; this peculiar system makes iKlip ideal for use with keyboards, mixers, controllers and all situations in which a musician can be found.

But iKlip is also useful for office use; with it you can place an iPad next to a computer screen. Another use can be the typical use of an iPad in a public location, for example at a fair. Finally iKlip comes in handy in the kitchen, to support iPad while you have your hands busy in something else and consult recipes, books or the Internet, or in the living room for multimedia use. The accessory for mounting on the edge of a table offers a complete 360 ​​degree rotation at the base.

iKlip compatible with all iPads from the second to the fourth generation and also available in the iPad mini version. The accessory will soon be available at musical instruments and electronics stores. On Amazon already in booking both in iPad version and in iPad mini version at 57.45 euros, shipping included.

iKlip Stand