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iJailBreak 0.5.4: easy jailbreak and unlock for iPod touch and iPhone on Mac

The network begins to teem with systems to unlock your iPhone and iPod touch with firmware 1.1.4: after ZiPhone we talked about on this page, here comes iJailBreak 0.5.4, plug & unlock software dedicated to all iPhones, which have both the 3.9 and 4.6 bootloaders.

Baster download the program, connect iPhone, open iJailbreak and press a simple button. The program will take about a minute to jailbreak; if you have also requested the unlock, another two and a half minutes will be added.

The program tested for Mac with Intel and Mac PowerPC processor, as long as Tiger or Leopard is installed.We remind that iJailBreak 0.5.4, as well as all the other unlocking methods, invalidates the warranty and being an unauthorized software, does not guarantee the 100% perfect operation of the Apple mobile phone. Anyone wishing to try iJailBreak 0.5.4 can download it from the following page.