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iFood Dukan for iOS allows you to follow the Ducan diet more easily

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If you have decided to get in shape, and have agreed with your dietitian doctor to follow the famous and also criticized Ducan diet, then the iFood Dukan app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad could be useful.

The easy-to-read app, once launched, features four buttons at the bottom. The first, Home, allows you to set your own weight, the "target weight" for all four characteristic steps of the Ducan diet – attack phase, cruise phase, transition phase, definitive stabilization phase – also indicating the duration for each.

The second section "Food" offers the possibility to consult the foods included in the diet, the various recipes accompanied by photographs and also advice and even instructions on how to cook the various dishes.

The third "Weight" section allows you to monitor your progress thanks to an intuitive graph that shows the weight trend. In addition, you can set goals to achieve in a certain time.

The fourth section called "Theory" a theoretical section dedicated to the guidelines of the diet, but also in this case – we repeat it – the diet cannot be undertaken without consulting a doctor.

iFood Dukan is a universal app, compatible with any iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 6.0 or later installed, and can be purchased on the App Store for 3.59 Euros.