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IFA 2012: The House of Marley presents the new 2013 range of docks, headphones and earphones

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Created by the children and heirs of Bob Marley The House of Marley presented itself to the market as a company specialized in quality and eco-sustainable audio products and devices right here at the IFA in 2011. This year The House of Marley presents in Berlin a 'wide range of news, essentially the complete renewal of its products with the introduction of several new models including headphones, earphones and audio docking stations for iPhone and iPad.

The new Little Bird headphones offer an ultra-thin design with a durable steel structure covered in eco-sustainable fabric. Like all new products presented here at the IFA, Little Bird headphones will also be available in 2013 at a price of 59.99 euros. The Rebel Music headphones instead integrate generous 40mm moving coil drivers: they offer pavilions made of FSC certified wood for superior audio quality: they will be offered in 2013 at a price of 100 euros.

For listening to music on the move, it will be possible to use the Marley Jammin 'Speakers (60 euros): they integrate a rechargeable battery and the possibility of USB power via any adapter of this format. We also remember MARLEY FREEDOM DOCK: Get Up Stand Up: which will be available by this September at the price of 400 euros. Made with a solid wood sheet, curved, FSC certified and obtained in a sustainable way to ensure the highest standard of protection and respect for the environment, the dock is activated by inserting an iPod, iPhone or iPad. It offers two aux-in audio input connections to play music from non-Apple devices. To offer powerful and quality sound, they integrate two 4.5-inch drivers, the long-range woofer and two 1-inch tweeters.

In the Marley Freedom family we find the Riddim ear-in earphones (1790 euros) and the Rise Up headphones (180 euros) for superior quality listening. The former allow to adapt the look and feel to the style preferred by the user: they adapt to the pavilions for superior comfort, while a pivot mechanism on the pavilions adapts to the shape of the head and ears. The Rise Up headphones with eco-sustainable fabric cover are also adjustable. In the top of the range series we also find the in-era Marley Destiny earphones: they offer aluminum structure, top audio and will be offered in 2013 for 229.99 euros.

The new range of The House of Marley is completed by the Marley Destiny Dock One Foundation, a superior quality audio dock that will be available in 2013 at a price of 800 euros, intended for the most demanding audiophiles. This too, made of smooth and sculpted FSC certified wood, integrates Apple AirPlay technology for audio streaming from Apple's mobile devices.

For more information on The House of Marley's new audio products, start here.The House of Marley IFA 2012

The House of Marley IFA 2012The House of Marley IFA 2012The House of Marley IFA 2012The House of Marley IFA 2012