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Idle Games: The Best for Android Smartphones

Idle Games: The Best for Android Smartphones

There is a category of video games that is little known but which is receiving more and more approval from video gamers; And the case of Idle Games. These Idle Games (or Incrementation Games) are born as Flash browser games and have the particularity of not requiring specific skills on the part of the player, in fact everything that requires time. It can therefore be said that the video games belonging to this type play alone, however the choice of the strategies to be put in place to progress lies in the player.

All the Idle Games they are more or less structured in the same way: initially you will be presented with the currency of the game that you will have to accumulate manually at the start (by clicking or tapping), then, having accumulated enough resources you can proceed with the purchase of the upgrades and the game will extract for you these resources to a increasingly frenetic pace, giving you the opportunity to buy new upgrades.

With the arrival of new smartphones Idle Games they entered the Play Store thanks to the characteristics of the latter. The type or gameplay of these games may seem boring, however they can be captivating and fun and I assure you that it will become a challenge to score the most points in these nice endless games. Let's go into the details of the best Idle Games that the Play Store has to offer.

Cookie Clickers a nice game that aims to produce biscuits. You will collect the first ones by tapping on the cookie in the center of the screen, when you have enough you can buy the upgrades that will turn out cookies for you. The game features a system of fun objectives to discover and unlock. Cookie Clickers it has no end, you can play endlessly, or at least as long as your smartphone can stand it.

Adventure Quest: Dragons a Idle Game whose aim is to hatch dragon eggs and grow the unborn, making them evolve and become more and more powerful. There is a total of twelve dragons and the difficulty of the game, or the number of points to be accumulated to progress, increases from dragon to dragon. The interface of the game is really well cared for and embellished with remarkable art work of dragons who are really well designed.

Playing at Idle Town you will become mayors of a city, your task is to manage it and make it prosper. By plugging the big coin in the center of your city you will receive your first money which you can invest in different ways. In fact, in addition to building larger and more profitable buildings, you can bet your money by gambling and increase your wealth. Idle Town very reminiscent of the game style of Sim City, the simple and clean graphics will surely guarantee many hours of play.

Idle Oil Tycoon places you at the head of an oil refining industry, in this game in pure managerial style you will have to manage your income, invest in ever new technologies, broaden your economic empire and get experience to advance in level and always unlock new upgrades of which the really rich game. At high levels you can also hire qualified personnel to do all the work for you, or retire and pass the company on to a new owner, the latter option to restart the game.

The goal of Bitcoin Billionaire earn Bitcoin, to do this you will have to plug on your virtual alterego that you will see sitting on his desk in front of the computer. As with the other games in the category, Bitcoin Billionaire it is based on the purchase of upgrades, which will be represented by investments in the stock exchange or improvements. The player's shop will be fully customizable as well as the room in which he will work by earning bitcoins.


Ultimately, the Idle Games they are simple games and thanks to their simplicity they have become very popular in the landscape of smartphones but be careful, these games could cause a heavy addiction, a proof of the large number of cookies that I personally produce every day! And what do you think?

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