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iCurve raises the laptop.

iCurve raises the laptop. – Macitynet.it

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It's called iCurve and a transparent plastic support, therefore virtually invisible, which placed underneath in the iBook or PowerBook G4 not only leaves the slide free and helps to eliminate the overheating of the computer but brings the display of the laptop to a height of about 40 cm from the flat, therefore ergonomically more comfortable for those who work on the computer.In the case of a PowerBook G4 the height reached is the same as the 17 ″ Studio Display LCD (and very similar to that of Apple's 22-inch) which means a normal continuation of the desk taken as a reference the top line. It is possible to use an optional keyboard and mouse to better manage the laptop if the height becomes an obstacle.

This is how the official Turnover press release that distributes the product in Italy from this month describes it: “Its main purpose is to improve the position of the iBook or PowerBook on the desk. The iCurve complies with health and safety standards, which make the laptop safer and more comfortable to use all day and every day.HealtyComputing.com, the main source of information for office ergonomics, suggests placing the top of the screen at eye level. , suggests that a user remains off the screen at least at arm's length distance. Both of these ergonomic standards are possible using the iCurve with an external keyboard. The iCurve elevates the iBook from the desk freeing up space for better use of the keyboard. and mouse. It is made of transparent plastic with a rounded shape, aesthetically very beautiful that perfectly matches the shape and appearance of the LCD d Apple. The rear connections of the PowerBook remain completely free and extremely reachable. Increases the air flow around the PowerBooks keeping their operating temperature significantly lower. Turn the laptop on the desk (for example to show the screen to a colleague). really easy. You grab the swivel base and rotate it in the desired direction. "

To see it "live" visit our MWNY 2002 gallery where the product was previewed.

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