IClever car Bluetooth FM transmitter

IClever car Bluetooth FM transmitter

On our smartphones we store everything, everyday life is kept inside, including music. If, when we are at home or around, we use crates or headphones to listen to our favorite music, the problem exists when we are in the car: if you have purchased one recently, it is certainly already set up to connect to the phone via Bluetooth so you can play music from the car's built-in speakers.

If your car does not have a Bluetooth connection or an AUX input, there could be two possible solutions: change the car radio, whose operation is not simple and very expensive, or buy an external accessory that interfaces easily with the integrated radio .

IClever 1 Bluetooth FM Transmitter

I have a machine that does not have a Bluetooth interface, so I started looking for a transmitter to play songs stored on my smartphone. I came across the iClever FM-F33 Bluetooth FM Transmitter and in this review I would like to share my thoughts with you.

IClever Bluetooth Pack and FM Transmitter

The sales package contains IClever Bluetooth FM transmitter and a charger to be connected to the car cigarette lighter for charging the transmitter. The two objects are separated when the transmitter integrates a battery, with an average duration of about two hours, which allows its operation even without a direct connection to the cigarette lighter. When the battery is discharged, it can be easily connected to the charger, which has a flexible rod that allows optimal adjustment based on the position of the cigarette lighter.

IClever 2 Bluetooth FM transmitterThe transmitter incorporates several commands that allow you to easily manage the different operations that must be performed during the playback of a song: in addition to two physical buttons to navigate the different songs, the top of the transmitter turns 360 to allow us to adjust the volume. Also present is a tast which, if pressed, allows you to pause or resume playing a song or to answer incoming calls. IClever Bluetooth FM transmitter it allows in fact to be able to answer incoming calls, thanks to the integrated microphone that guarantees a discreet quality and transmission of the voice.

IClever 3 Bluetooth FM transmitterThe operation of the transmitter is very simple: once switched on it can be paired with our smartphone via Bluetooth. Subsequently, on the integrated display of the transmitter a number will be shown, which represents the FM frequency on which to tune the car radio to receive the sound transmitted by the connected device. In the event that the reproduction should be disturbed, it is possible to change the frequency of the transmitter using a convenient circular modulator. After changing the frequency, it will be necessary to synchronize the radio again on the new frequency, as we would do when changing radio stations while listening to the FM radio.

IClever 4 Bluetooth FM transmitterOnce you find the right frequency with little interference, the sound quality is really good, comparable to that of the FM radio and very close to that of a playing CD. To achieve these results, the transmitter provides to cancel all the noises caused by possible interference to ensure a clear sound of the track transmitted by the smartphone.

A detail that I found very clever in the iClever FM Bluetooth Transmitter integrating a USB port into the charger to be connected to the cigarette lighter. This choice provides the user with a port to which the smartphone can be connected to recharge it even when the transmitter is stared. If the door had not been present, we would have had to choose whether to recharge the smartphone or the transmitter.

IClever 5 Bluetooth FM transmitterThe USB port cannot be used to connect a device and transmit music from it, but the audio can only be transferred via Bluetooth. The transmitter is compatible with all smartphones, whether they are Android, iOS, Windows Phone or other, and with all devices equipped with a Bluetooth connection.


If you want to have the possibility to connect your smartphone to the radio, then the IClever Bluetooth FM transmitter could be the optimal solution. The simplicity of configuration and coupling with the device and the quality of reproduction place this accessory among the best in the sector. Moreover, the USB port made available to recharge the phone makes it possible not to worry if the transmitter and the phone are to be discharged at the same time. The IClever Bluetooth FM transmitter can be purchased directly on Amazon at the discounted price of 34.