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Icewear, silicone case for Shuffle

Icewear, silicone case for Shuffle logomacitynet1200wide 1

Tunewear, a company specializing in innovative, high-quality iPod cases, announced yesterday Icewear, a product dedicated to iPod shuffle. Icewear a transparent silicone case, whose purpose is to protect and make safer to handle the flash player.

Made of high quality silicone, the same used for diving masks, Icewear, says the manufacturer, in a robust time (a millimeter thick) but not intrusive in terms of design and increase in weight of the player.

Design details are interesting. It goes from the ribs that help to make the grip more solid to the system that allows you to control iPod shuffle despite the presence of the cover. Tunewear has also taken steps to make Icewear extremely insensitive to slipping, which allows iPod shuffle to be placed almost anywhere, from the dashboard of the car to a plane table, without the risk of seeing the player fall to the ground.

Tunewear products in Italy are sold on Apple Store (sponsor). At the moment for Icewear (which costs $ 19.95 on the US market) it does not appear among those available.

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