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iBooks tested on iPhone: PDF and Ebook in one App

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iBooks tested on iPhone: PDF and Ebook in one App –

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The first App to be downloaded immediately after iOS 4 is certainly an iBook, able to run smoothly on both iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G which also suffer from some limitations of use of the new operating system.

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The interface derived from that of the iPad application that we already know and which takes up the metaphor (already seen with Delicious Library) of the shelves and tomes to be consulted.

The library appears empty after the download but we will be able to immediately take advantage of a tour of the book store to download free volumes: some classics in Italian and English of the Gutemberg Project and of course Winnie The Pooh, the illustrated book that will allow us to discover how it can work the mix between images and texts inside an Ebook.

We unload the first tomes and we are immediately operational. Now the books can be browsed on the small screen of the iPhone with a few more options: in addition to the brightness and the font size (which now gains a new font) you can insert a "sepia" background which helps to decrease the strong contrast between print and page making reading more comfortable, bookmarks can be inserted and searches made, but absolute and very comfortable novelties, underlining and marginal notes can be added.

The review continues on this Macitynet page with a commented gallery and information on PDF management.

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