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IBM, first boot for Power5

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First boot for a computer equipped with Power5, the new generation processor designed by IBM to revolutionize the world of servers. A chip machine was launched in Big Blue labs three weeks ago, beginning what IBM hopes is a new era in the world of high-end servers.

The Power5, successor to the current and well-known Power4, was born on the basis of the attempt to conquer a good portion of the Unix and Linux market and to undermine the top of the Sun ranking that resists, despite pressure from HP and IBM itself.

The Power5 can offer performance up to 4 times higher than that of the Power4, also carrying tasks normally carried out by the software, such as tasks related to the network and virtual memory, on its shoulders. A feature that can further accelerate the performance of the machines on which it will be used. Power5 will also be able to run different operating systems simultaneously, thanks to a subdivision into 'compartments'.

One of the most important features of Power5 for that for costs and consumption it will also be oriented to the low end of the market, that is to the machines below $ 10,000 and therefore also to small and medium business.

According to these characteristics they will allow IBM to produce a derivative for desktop machines and compatible with PPC technology. The road has already been taken by Big Blue with the PPC 970, announced but not yet presented, which is a derivative of Power4.