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IBM, a "dual wireless" laptop

IBM, a "dual wireless" laptop – Macitynet.it

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IBM will launch a new series of ThinkPad series laptops on the market today.

These will be models of the R40 series that target the medium and high-end market and that rely on wireless connectivity to be appreciated by the enterprise market and those who need to connect often to networks even when they are traveling.

To do this, IBM will include dual compatibility cards, both with the IEEE 802.11b standard and with the emerging IEEE 802.11a.

IBM is not the first laptop manufacturer to make this choice. Toshiba has also introduced "dual band" laptops and many more may follow in the future. In fact, Intel will introduce a chipset dedicated to its Pentium-M (the new processors designed specifically for the laptop market) that this spring will include support for the two implementations of the IEEE 802.11 standard. At that point it will be very cheap to build dual-band computers and even the IEEE 802.11a standard, which today is struggling to establish itself, could begin to grow.

The new IBM ThinkPads will also feature some interesting news, including a button that will automatically launch a software that will restore from scratch, copying it from a "closed" partition and constantly updated from back-up, the hard disk. A useful, intuitive and quick system in cases of system virus infestation.

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