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i2i stream by Aerielle: portable and versatile audio streaming

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One of the nicest and most useful novelties of this Expo bears the name of Aerielle's i2i stream: the second "i" should be written upside down as in the logo of the company that markets it and which presented a series of products here at the Expo very original.


i2i stream a pair of audio receivers / transmitters operating on the 2.4 Ghz band, the same used by some wi-fi protocols, and by several remote transceiver systems that have been on the market for some years to transfer audio and video from a room other.

There are three substantial innovations of the product: – Receiver and transmitter (in reality it is the same device that can be used in streaming or reception from time to time), together with an internal battery rechargeable via USB have been integrated into a pack of very small size which makes it easy to carry along with an iPod or to be attached to the neck or wrist.

– the sound quality is much higher than that of an A2DP stereo Bluetooth-based system because the sound is not compressed

– There is the possibility to stream from a transmitter and receive the signal from a multiplicity of receivers all within a radius of about 9 meters: this offers the opportunity to be used for simultaneous translations, tourist guides, listening at home or in the car of more people in headphones rather than an open system.

The cost to the public of 85 Euros and the distribution entrusted to all of Europe and Africa to Iceberg Technology. In the next few days we will make you aware of the use of the product in a complete review.

Below are some images and the introduction to the features by its creator in a video recorded at the Apple Expo Paris 08. i2i stream was chosen as "Best of Expo" by the editorial staff of Macitynet for the original idea behind the product and for the step forward achieved in listening quality compared to A2DP Bluetooth solutions.

YouTube video:

Video on Vimeo: