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Humble Bundle launches Mobile Bundle!

Humble Bundle launches Mobile Bundle!

Humble Indie Bundle return with Mobile Bundle, a fantastic new bundle full of games for our beloved green robot. The games can be purchased at the price you want and are totally DRM-free. Once purchased you will have the .apk files available so you can also install them on tablets and smartphones without the Google Play Store.

The games are really beautiful, these are really noble titles. Here they are:

The Room: a 3D puzzle in which we will have to solve the puzzles that the game will propose level after level.

Metal Slug 3: as children you will surely have played in some bar or maybe on your home console. Historic game in which you'll play a heroic military who will have to defeat an evil organization that wants to conquer the world.

Plants vs. Zombies: very famous title on the Play Store, it is a "tower defense" in which you will have to defend your home using your plants against zombies.

Contre Jour: a unique title of its kind, it could be called a physics-based puzzler, in practice using physical strategies you will have to solve the various levels that you will face.

Anomaly Korea: a truly phenomenal strategy game, the second chapter that continues the story of Anomaly Warzone Earth, in this chapter you will find yourself having to free Korea from the terrible invading aliens using various means that you can enhance during the action.

Bladeslinger: a third-person action game set in a techno-Far West in which we will have to kill all the enemies we will face using the vast arsenal available to us from the game.

It is a unique opportunity to grab 6 games for Android at the price you want! You can purchase the titles directly from the Humble Bundle website using your Paypal account or Google Wallet.


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