Huawei StorySign library for deaf children expands

Huawei StorySign library for deaf children expands

Two new titles like This (not) a lion by Ed Vere and Your friend Spotty by Eric Hill

Huawei StorySign(Photo: Huawei)

Huawei expands the library of the free application Huawei StorySign, which is dedicated to 32 million deaf children all over the world helping them to read. Two new titles or This (not) a lion by Ed Vere e Your friend Spotty by Eric Hill who will be able to cheer in the best way the moment of the bedtime story.

Launched last December with the volume Three little bunnies, the StorySign app was developed in collaboration with the European Union Deaf and takes advantage of the latest technologies to ensure that even deaf children can read.

The classics of fiction for the little ones are in fact translated in real time into Sign Language through artificial intelligence and augmented reality, two solutions now part of everyday life thanks to new generation smartphones and their high-performance processors. And they are told by the animated avatar Star, developed in partnership with Aardman Animation. The operation is very simple and immediate because it is enough to frame the dedicated book with the camera for Star to start telling the story with the sign language.

According to a recent Huawei investigation, 48% of deaf children (usually hearing) parents he has no knowledge of sign language and the baby can take up to 70 minutes to complete a reading with mom and dad, compared to a hearing child's 38 minutes. The difficulty, as explained by Pietro Celo, LIS Professor at the University of Bologna, is "In the correspondence between the sounds and the graphemes of these sounds. StorySign can therefore help deaf children around the world, and their families, overcome this obstacle".

Eleven sign languages ‚Äč‚Äčare supported including of course theItalian. In addition to this tech-related project, Huawei has donated $ 500,000 to the Deaf European Union, to finance numerous social projects throughout 2019 across Europe.

Huawei StorySign can be done free download from the Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery. The app has received seven awards from the Cannes Lions International Creativity Festival, including 4 Golden Lions, the highest number ever awarded to any Chinese brand.


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