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Huawei Mate 40, renderings appear: five cameras on the back and USB-C port

huawei mate 40

Huawei Mate 40 leaked online in the last few hours. The expected new phone from the Shenzhen-based company was in fact shown in a new rendering, which confirms the excellent characteristics of what we can consider in all respects the next top of the range from Huawei.

huawei mate 40

In rendering, in fact, Huawei Mate 40 shows up with well 5 cameras on the back, arranged in a circular form. This ring camera system similar to what we saw on the series Mate 30, and also in line with other rumors that emerged previously and concerning the design of the new product.

The rendering also shows in detail the front side of the Mate 40, where it is possible to observe a full screen body without the emergence of "holes" or retractable cameras. A detail that suggests how the Mate 40 could really be the first Huawei smartphone equipped with a camera under the display.

In the pictures, the Mate 40 seems to have a large display with a curved edge on the front, complete with a "notch". The display rounds the sides of the device and curved around the edges. At the bottom does not go unnoticed a USB Type-C port, flanked by a single speaker grill and a SIM card slot.

Clearly it is a simple rendering, and although it appears very accurate we cannot yet take it for granted the characteristics that emerged in the images. Huawei has not yet revealed any official details about its next top of the range, therefore it is always better to take this information with caution, while waiting for the Shenzhen-based giant to reveal something more about the Mate 40. According to industry experts, in the next weeks more information should come on the new phone of the Chinese company.

Source Gizmochina