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HTCH U Ear are the clone of AirPods with two differences

HTCH U Ear sono il clone di AirPods con due differenze

For the moment there is no mention of a date of arrival on the market, but the registration of the HTC U Ear earphones with the US Federal Communication Commission and also with the Taiwanese National Communication, suggests that the manufacturer intends to launch these new earphones soon that look a lot like Apple's famous headphones.

More than the AirPods Pro model, HTC U Ear's style and design indeed recall the first and second generation classic AirPods very much, so much so that at first glance many could confuse them with a black or colored version by third parties of the Apple earphones. In fact, the first difference that leaps and falls is the black color, a tint that many fans would like to have and that many have been clamoring for years in Cupertino, but so far nothing to do.HTCH U Ear are the clone of AirPods with two differences

Some advances long ago indicated the possible arrival of AirPods in various colors, unfortunately for the forecast it has not followed, at least so far. Even the transport and charging case of the HTC U Ear looks a lot like that of AirPods, only here we do not find wireless charging (it seems) and of course not even the Lightning connector. airpods 2 2019 icon 5The manufacturer has thought well to implement the USB-C port, another feature that Apple has snubbed so far. In this article we report two photographs published by Android Police who intercepted the new earphones on the way. For now we do not know the launch date, price and complete specifications but considering the commercial registration in several countries it is very likely that soon we will still hear about HTC U Ear.

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