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HTC U Ear, the earphones "inspired" by Apple AirPods

HTC U Ear, the earphones "inspired" by Apple AirPods

By Giacomo Martiradonna Tuesday 19 May 2020

HTC is working on a pair of wireless headphones that look like AirPods in all respects. But they are all black.


In the documentation of the FCC, the independent US federal agency that regulates transmissions and telecommunications, black AirPods have appeared. In reality, however, just a mistake: these are the new earphones HTC U Ear, and the resemblance to Apple counterparts is certainly pure coincidence.

Update the AirPods & AirPods Pro firmware

Update the AirPods & AirPods Pro firmware

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Looking at them, the clear similarity. There is the characteristic design of the acoustic pod, and the stem that protrudes downwards on which touch controls move. The only real difference is actually the presence of two trivial charging pins on the front of the stem, where AirPods adopts induction charging.

Finally, the charging case with integrated battery opens differently and only provides a connection via USB-A to USB-C cable; here too, in short no induction charging.

Since the debut day in 2016, many companies have tried to emulate the design (and success) of AirPods, but the first time that the resemblance – in our very personal judgment, is meant – is so marked. The HTC U Ear have not yet been officially launched, but the presence in regulators registers suggests that the thing will happen very soon.

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