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HTC switches to LCD displays due to shortage of AMOLEDs

HTC switches to LCD displays due to shortage of AMOLED – Macitynet.it

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The Korean Herald reports that HTC will have to use LCD displays instead of AMOLEDs in its phones due to the shortage of these components from the manufacturer Samsung. HTC would have no other choice and will have to use the LCD in Desire, Droid Incredible and Nexus One, three of its most important models. The scarcity of components (or problems in the production phase, it is not clear the real reason for the shortage) has already forced the Korean manufacturer to postpone the launch of the Korean Nexux One by a month (expected now in July). All cell phones will use a high quality Super TFT display manufactured by Sony, mitigating the losses in terms of perceived quality.

The "switch" in the use of LED displays will be crucial not only for HTC but also for all Android manufacturers. HTC suffered a drop in sales in Europe and the United States due to a lack of products. Verizon said it could have duplicated sales of the Droid Incredible if the products had actually been available (many customers were told of the need to wait at least a month). In Korea, the delay could cancel the advantage of the premature announcement of the Nexus One compared to the iPhone 4: the carrier KT also distributes the iPhone and now this product marketed simultaneously with the Nexus One.

HTC's decision also probably explains Apple's choice not to use the AMOLED display that many believe it should have adopted in the iPhone 4 and use the Retina Display. Although this component also presents significant production difficulties, Apple has relied on the largest display manufacturer, asking for the production of large quantities of components well in advance and unlikely to remain under stock.

Among the advantages of AMOLED displays: better fidelity (bright and defined images) in the reproduction of colors and lower demands in terms of energy consumption (therefore longer battery life); disadvantages: complexity in construction and higher cost.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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