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HP, printers that print via email, even from the iPad

HP has announced a new series of wireless printers with integrated technology that promises to get wireless printing from any device, including smartphones and tablets. The new series specifically designed for the Internet: every printer equipped as standard with a unique e-mail address thanks to which it will be possible to print from anywhere in the world: using an iPad or a BlackBerry and any web-based editor such as Google Docs, will be You can send documents as if they were e-mail messages, without the need for the application or operating system used to natively support the printer in question.

"EPrintCenter", a specifically designed website, will allow third-party companies to take advantage of specific services such as automatic page reformatting or optimization for printing on particular materials. The e-mail address will also allow printing in places such as print services (HP plans to launch services in the USA at 7000 key points by the end of the year, useful meeting points for the user who only occasionally needs to print).

Among the various prototypes of the series, models should be available that allow access via the web and others with a touch interface. The costs are not yet known but are expected to vary between $ 99 and $ 399.

Printing is one of the obstacles that in many cases has prevented the massive spread of smartphones and tablets. Before being able to print with these devices, it is often necessary to synchronize the contents with a computer and from the latter to print the documents previously created.

(By Mauro Notarianni)