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How to watch DAZN on Smart TV

DAZN is a live and on-demand streaming service, and among the most popular streaming platforms now by most Italians and which after a limping start has achieved good stability. In order to use the service you need to download and install the DAZN app on your Smart TVs and devices. On all platforms, it is quite simple to do it, so that you can enjoy the content without worries.Since the last Serie A championship, DAZN has the exclusive for three games a week (usually the advance on Saturday evening, the game of 12:30 and one of 15:00 on Sunday) and many other football events such as: all the matches of Serie B, of the Spanish Liga, the King's Cup, La Ligue 1, FA Cup (and not only). On DAZN there is not only football, you can also follow Volleyball, Rugby, Football, Baseball, Rally and NASCAR.Obviously, before you can start seeing the DAZN channels and events, you need to register for an account.

How much DAZN costs and how to register

The subscription to DAZN costs 9.99 per month, the subscription to the service does not bind you, you can deactivate it at any time without withdrawal costs. To find out more just go to this page.

DAZN home

The payment methods are many, you can opt for: credit card, debit card, prepaid card (such as PostePay), PayPal, iTunes account, Google Play account and Amazon in-app payment (on Fire-TV devices ).

Sky customers have a special special offer and the possibility to directly view the best events on the DAZN1 satellite channel. If you are a Sky customer, we recommend that you take a look at the offer.

Which platforms are supported by DAZN?

The application to view channels available on many platforms, as well as on Android and iOS, also present on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles and on SmartTVs.

DAZN devices

As the most savvy users will know there is not a single operating system on SmartTV and different manufacturers have opted for different solutions: Samsung on Tizen, LG on WebOS and Sony, Philips (in the high-end models) and Xiomi on Android TV. Fortunately everyone and three major operating systems for televisions are supported by DAZN and therefore have the updated version of the app, in the next paragraphs we will talk about how to register.

Other DAZN compatible solutions are: the Apple TV, the Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Chromecast.

Download DAZN to LG Smart TV

Again, make sure that the TV is compatible and connected to the Internet.

As long as the TV was produced after 2015 to be compatible. To be sure, just take the model number of the TV located on the back of the TV and do a search on the net.

Also check the simple Internet connection: once the TV starts, press the button "Home" on the remote control, select the gear icon (located at the top right of the screen), then press on the item "All settings" and finally go to "Network"The system will then tell you if it is properly connected to the Internet. If not, you will have to connect the TV via Ethernet cable to the router or to a WiFi network, you can consult the guide of your TV for these steps.

At this point you are ready, you can proceed to download DAZN and install it on the Smart TV, just:

  • Press the button "Home"On your TV remote control, then scroll and select the item"LG Content Store";

DAZN on LG Smart TV

  • press the magnifying glass icon that leads to the search function, then type with the "dazn" screen keyboard;

DAZN on LG Smart TV

  • found the app select it and press the button "Install".

Once the download is complete, you can start the application and put your credentials to start enjoying the contents.

Download and install DAZN on Samsung Smart TV

First, when you want to download the DAZN app on your Samsung TV, you need to check that it is a compatible model. All SmartTVs of the Korean manufacturer launched after 2015 (starting from the J series) are compatible.

Do the simple check, look behind your TV for the model type and do a quick Google search. It will be easy to understand what was its year of production. If you want you can directly interpret the model code yourself by consulting this guide.

Once the compatibility is verified, make sure that your smart TV is actually connected, make it simple, just:

  • press the button "Tools”On your remote control;
  • then go down with the arrows and press the “Confirmation"(Has the symbol of a rectangle with an arrow) on the item"General";
  • press on the first item “Network"And then on"Network status";
  • if all right, the word "TV connected to the Internet“, If the writing does not appear, refer to the manual or this guide on the manufacturer's website to correctly configure your connection.

Samsung TV network status

Once you make sure that the connected TV is simple, the procedure similar to installing any other app is sufficient:

  • press the “Smart Hub“, Then press the left arrow and press the confirmation button on“ Apps ”;
  • the store will open, go down with the arrows to the "Sport" section, select it and inside you will find the "DAZN" app, select it and then press "Install".

DAZN on Samsung Smart TV

Once the installation is complete, you can start and you can enter your username and password to start watching DAZN on Smart TV.

Download DAZN to AndroidTV

Even on televisions with Android TV system the installation of DAZN is very simple, after making sure you are connected to the Internet, you just need to:

  • press the "Home"On your remote control, then scroll through the application menu and select the"Google Play Store ";

DAZN on Android TV

  • inside the Play Store, press the search button and type with the "dazn" screen keyboard;
  • select the app and press the "Install".

Install DAZN on an incompatible TV

If you do not have a TV connected to the Internet, or if you have a TV with an incompatible system, it is not necessary to replace it (it would be a waste), you can opt for some inexpensive solutions to enjoy the events in any case.

The cheapest solution is to connect a console like PS4 and Xbox One (if you have one). If this is not the case, you can opt for the practical solutions that we have described in this article to make Smart a TV (all solutions compatible with Netflix are fully compatible with DAZN as well).

Our study on how to download and install the DAZN app on Smart TV has ended, we hope to have provided you with the best possible support and that you have been able to enjoy your favorite sporting events.