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How to use WhatsApp on Mac OS X with BlueStacks

How to use WhatsApp on Mac OS X with BlueStacks


WhatsApp for Mac OS X: installation guide with BlueStacks

In our previous article we have seen how to use and install WhatsApp on Windows PC:

Today, however, we will go to see how to use and install WhatsApp on Mac OS.

The guide to use WhatsApp on Mac even simpler and more immediate than what we have seen on Windows. Let's not go further and start immediately with the guide.

Let's start immediately with the instructions to install and use WhatsApp on Mac in a simple, fast and immediate way. In this guide we will use the BlueStacks program, which allows you to use all the Android APK applications on the Mac platform (and also Windows).

Here are the instructions to follow:

  • First download the programBlueStacks |Download
  • Download the programWhatsApp for AndroidDownload
  • When the download of the WhatsApp file for Android is complete, click on the relevant one.apk file
  • Automatically you will open Bluestacks and start installing the package
  • Once the installation is complete, the welcome window will open onWhatsapp.Then accept the terms, enter your mobile number in the dedicated space
  • Now you just have to insert yourscontactsand that's it

Now you are ready to use WhatsApp on your Mac in an easy, fast and immediate way.

CAUTION:as already mentioned, the same procedure can also be used for the other numerous onesAndroid app.

So if you want to use an Android program on your Mac, you can follow the same procedure, you just need to have the APK file of the program that you want to bring from Android to the Mac.

The files are available online or directly in the Apps section ofBluestacks.

If you are looking for APK files for Android, you can find them here:

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