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How to use Periscope, Beginner's Guide

How to use Periscope, Beginner's Guide

Most of those who follow The Ellen Show would have seen an application called a periscope in action, who hasn't, may have heard about it from a friend or maybe read something somewhere, and if they've never heard of it speak, then you've just come to the right place, following the beginner's guide on using the periscope app. Periscope, even if it looks good, can be confusing at first for some people, and here that this blog post comes in, here you will help guys by providing a beginner's guide to the use of the periscope.

1. Download and install Persicope

First of all, you need to download periscope from the Google Play Store or iTunes. The next thing you need to do is get a Twitter account (if you don't already have one). It will only allow you access if you have a Twitter account.

2. Explore lists

Once logged in, you will see a bunch of different things on the screen. A list showing if someone you are following in direct or not, another list shows a global list – show live streams from all over the world and the last part would be one list showing the most loved people – people who have the maximum heart (don't worry if you have no idea how hearts are in the periscope, you will soon get to know them).

3. Watch the streams live

To control any live streaming, you can see if someone you are following live or you can also go to the global list and click on any of the live streams from different parts of the world

Once you open a live stream, you will be greeted by a screen similar to that of the screen below. Usually it is said LOADING … at the top, if it goes directly to the stream then you can consider yourself lucky enough or maybe your internet speed has to do more with you than with your luck: D.

The next thing you will see in a live stream would be an option for ' say something '; a way to send messages to the live stream you're watching. Sometimes, ' full broadcast 'written instead of' Say Something ', this happens when there are many viewers on a specific stream and it becomes difficult for the periscope to incorporate new users into the chat.

Even if you don't have the opportunity to say something, you can still let the broadcaster know that someone likes their video by tapping on the screen, every time you touch, you will see a heart appear on the screen, it could be really difficult for you to understand if your tap has generated a heart not, especially in crowded transmissions, so if you want to see hearts popping up when you touch, you should enter a transmission less crowded and touch your screen. You will love the feeling of making hearts appear on the screen.

4. Broadcast your live video stream

So, it was about seeing live broadcasts on the periscope, e if we had transmitted something of its own on the periscope? Now let's focus on using the periscope as a broadcaster.

To broadcast a video of your own, you just have to open the app and at the bottom right of the screen you will see an orange icon. When you click on it, a screen with BROADCAST TITLE PUBLIC PRIVATE, etc. is displayed. You will also see the initialization of the video streaming or the beginning of the transmission written on the screen as you can see in the images below (You may also see the Internet connection written too slowly instead of initializing the video streaming or starting the transmission.).

Public is private are the options for the broadcaster to decide how it wishes to transmit its stream. The moment you get the option to start the broadcast and press the option, you will see your video with a small icon at the bottom right that symbolizes the users who are watching that stream at any time. You can always click on that little icon below to see who's watching your steam. If someone writes something in the Say something box, it is published on your video and if someone touches it on the screen, a heart emerges from the lower right part of the screen.

How much you are loved as a periscope user decided on the basis of the total number of hearts you get. You can always see how many hearts you got by going to the third option on the home screen (it comes by swiping left twice) and then pressing an icon in the upper right corner of the screen; it will tell you how many followers you have, who you are following and also the total number of hearts you have obtained as a periscope user.

Some other things you should know about using the periscope that when you choose to have a private broadcast, the app will ask you who among all your followers should be informed of your broadcast.

In addition, there are 3 small icons under the space where periscope asks you to enter the title of the broadcast. The one on the left is used to activate the position of the transmission so that everyone can see where you started the transmission from, the one in the middle, if activated, would allow only the users you follow to chat. The one on the right posts a Twitter post about your live broadcast.

5. Share the streaming of Other

Another thing you can do while watching someone else's broadcast share their broadcast, now for this you have two options, one option allows you to share that broadcast only with a specific set of people, while another option allows you to share it with all your followers

So, we come to the end of the Periscope Beginner's Guide. If you have anything to add to this guide, feel free to let us know in the comments.