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How to use Facebook Messenger without installing the app [Guida]

How to use Facebook Messenger without installing the app [Guida]

The separation between Facebook is Facebook Messenger, made official from the social giant to diversify the platforms on the mobile side, has quickly created new ways of using theinstant messaging leading many users to wonder how to avoid installing the new app without losing all the typical advantages of the social network.

How to use Facebook Messenger without installing the official app possible, saving important calculation and battery resources especially on smartphone less performing, using some small Facebook tricks present in the interaction between the platform messaging and social.

Chat and social networks, a weight that you can get around:

It is clear that Facebook's intention is to diversify the use of social networks and messaging, increasing the use of the second with the new app that will soon offer more and more functions to attract users. Like use Facebook Messenger without installing the app possible, taking into account how i tricks do not clearly offer the same convenience as the official app, offering you more storage space and more computing resources you save on RAM of your smartphone.

Guide on how to use Facebook Messenger:

The currently working solutions, not very complex to exploit and decidedly useful with respect to the implementation time are only two differentiating themselves for the abolition of theapp a priori or with the presence of the same – albeit blocked – to get around the controls of the company.

Access from browser:

As most people know, the evolution of many browser is pushing for their use, even being preferred to native apps, this is also the case for Facebook Messenger being able to completely avoid installing the app with Chrome is Mozilla.

Log in from mobile browser to Facebook, you can either connect directly to the following directory that natively access the social and then from the bar go to the section Messages.

You just have to take advantage of the browser settings to create a link in the Home of the Facebook Messenger page to access it quickly, from Chrome just click on "Add to Home screen" and re-owner the icon also obtaining notifications – you can even uninstall Facebook with the same process – while for Mozilla we refer you to specific guide.

Access from the Facebook app:

If you want to take advantage of messaging in a convenient and practical way directly from the native Facebook app, we advise you to install both Facebook Messenger and Titanium Backup Root (paid premium version) to by-pass the use of the platform messaging.

Once connected to the instant messaging app, using the same account used on Facebook, log in to Titanium scrolling to the "Backup / Restore" tab where you will find a list of services and apps inside which certainly will not miss Messenger.

Access the app tab and click on "Freeze", the hibernation status – accessible only from the premium version – will allow you to access messaging directly from the Facebook app by blocking the connection to Facebook Messenger, thus replaced by the classic system in a single app and all without the instant messaging app being active to consume RAM resources.


Access to tricks on how to use Facebook Messenger without installing the app is an unmissable utility, often even a necessity on certain entry-level smartphones, capable of saving you space and resources without sacrificing any of the features of what remains clearly the best social network and the best chat of the mobile landscape.

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