How to use Animoji on Android and iPhone not supported

How to use Animoji on Android and iPhone not supported

Among the many new features of the iPhone X, the addition of Animoji certainly the most fun to use on the new high-end Apple device. Although this is an exclusive feature of the iPhone X, there is a method to use these very nice animated smileys on any Android device or other version of an unsupported iPhone. If you are curious how this is possible, read on and find out how simple it is to use Animoji on Android and iPhone not supported.

If you are a fan of messages and therefore of these nice faces to send to friends, you cannot neglect this guide. You can see how to use these animations on any device other than iPhone X. But what are Animoji? You can find them in the Messages app only on iPhoneX. They allow you to create and share custom animated characters in messages. They use your voice and replicate your facial expressions through hardware solutions of the Apple device. If you're curious, read on to find out how to use Animoji on Android and other unsupported iPhone versions.

Animoji on Android and iPhone not supported

Animoji on Android

The Animoji take advantage of the brand new sensor TrueDepth present exclusively on iPhone X, which recognizes facial movements and, therefore, "give life" to Animoji. Precisely for this reason, this nice feature provided only for the new Apple device. There is, however, a solution that allows the use of Animoji also on all other unsupported devices, whether it is an Android smartphone or a previous iPhone model.

You may think this is impossible, but no! Use Animoji on other devices other than iPhone X possible thanks to an app present both on App Storethat up Google Play Store. Thanks to the software developed by the developers of this app, you are able to recognize the movements of your face by taking advantage of the front-facing cameras of your smartphone, thus reducing hardware limitations.

The application in question is called MRRMMRR and provides users with different effects classified in different sections, including the one called, precisely, Emoji, able to replicate (almost) perfectly the new ones Animoji.The app totally Free. Surely the effect will not be like that on the iPhone X, since there is no dedicated hardware capable of sampling facial movements, but it is worth trying to smile anyway by passing some nice moments with friends.

So how do you download the app on your device? You will be able to download MRRMMRR by clicking directly on the links below, both for the Android and iOS version:


DOWNLOAD |MRRMMR Android version

Animoji on Huawei

Huawei has also announced the introduction of this nice feature on its new devices. As we saw in the presentation of Honor V10, to activate this function, the front camera is used to scan the user's face. Below you can see a video shown by the company during the presentation.

By now, all Apple competitors will find ways to put this Animoji feature on devices and will soon replace the classic emoji faces on our messages.

You might also like to install keyboards on third-party iPhones to use new emoji in messages.