How to upload photos to Instagram from PC and Mac

How to upload photos to Instagram from PC and Mac

Instagram is one of the most used Social Networks in the world, with more than 700 million monthly active users. Since its inception, it has been possible to upload photos only via the smartphone application (iPhone and Android). Many have asked for the possibility of using tablets and PCs to do this. Finally, Instagram developers have accepted this request, at least partially. the possibility of upload photos to Instagram from PC and Mac via the website both on smartphones but also on tablets. Then, accessing the official site of Instagram from your Android device, iPhone or iPad, you will notice that at the bottom there is a button to upload a new photo.

This function has not been enabled on the PC. Fortunately there is a procedure that allows you to remedy the problem, allowing you to upload photos to Instagram from PC and Mac. If you are a user of the well-known social photo network and would like to have the possibility to use your PC to upload your new photos, then this the article that's right for you.

Upload photos to Instagram from PC and Mac

Upload photos from Google Chrome (Windows and Mac users)

Google Chrome allows web developers to test their applications, simulating different screen resolutions. This tool can also be used by common users of the well-known browser. Using this trick, simply simulating a smartphone or tablet inside Google Chrome and magically showing the key to upload a new photo to Instagram.

Access this very simple mode. Here are the steps to upload photos to Instagram with Google Chrome:

  • First, go to the Instagram site and log in with your account.
  • Now you need to access the developer menu. This procedure can change depending on whether you use Chrome on Windows or Mac. In the Windows version, go to the settings menu and then select Other Tools -> Developer tools. In the Mac version, instead, select View -> Developer options -> Developer tools.
  • A new bar will appear on the right of the screen. Now you need to select the button depicting a smartphone and a tablet as shown in the figure.

upload photos to Instagram from PC 1

  • The Instagram web page will resize automatically and at the bottom you will finally see the button to upload a new photo.

upload photos to Instagram from PC 2

At this point it will be enough for you to select the key representing a camera and upload all your photos to Instagram via the PC.

Upload photos from Safari (Mac users)

If you are a Mac user, you will most likely use Safari to browse the internet. It is possible to carry out an operation very similar to the one previously proposed also through the Apple browser.

Here's how:

  • You open Safari, go in Preferences browser (just click on the word Safari in the top left corner and then Preferences) and then access the tab advanced.
  • Enable the voice Show development menu in the menu bar.
  • Access Instagram by logging in with your account.
  • Now from the top bar select Development -> Activate the responsive design mode.

upload photos to Instagram from PC 3

  • The screen containing the web page will be resized and the names of some Apple devices will appear at the top. Select iPhone or iPad and you will see that the button to upload a new photo will appear on Instagram.

At this point you just need to press the corresponding button to upload the photos and publish all your favorite photos.

As you could see, uploading photos on Instagram from PC and Mac is a very simple operation. Google Chrome and Safari are the two browsers most commonly used on Windows and Mac, so you shouldn't have any problems. Should you encounter any problems or need a suggestion, you can write to us through the comments at the end of this article.