How to update WhatsApp

How to update WhatsApp

Application updates are an aspect not to be overlooked, because they allow you to use not only the latest features that the developers introduce in the app, but also guarantee full compatibility with the updates of the various operating systems. WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging service in the world, among the apps that has undergone, through continuous updates, a radical transformation. From simple instant chat service, it is enriched by introducing more and more functions, such as voice messages and videos, the possibility of making phone calls, WhatsApp Web to use the service on the PC and much more. To always have the latest features, it is advisable to update WhatsApp every time it is released. Continue to see how.

For the more experienced we already know that this article may be useless, but we intend to address you that you are not very familiar with mobile phones and applications, and in this article we want to help you make an update WhatsApp Messenger.In addition, we want to help you also have to verify that that installed on your device is the latest version released by the developer and that is compatible with the latest version of the operating system and therefore fully functional. It does not matter which smartphone you have, because we will see how to update WhatsApp with most platforms, because WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia.

WhatsApp update

Let's start by checking if your smartphone is updated to the latest version of WhatsApp and possibly how to update it. Some devices have preset automatic updating, but may also not activate for several reasons (because it is not set for automatic updating or because there is not enough space on the device).

How to update WhatsApp for Android

If you have an Android smartphone, the WhatsApp application can update it directly by entering the application Play Store, which is located on the application screen. After opening the PlayStore, click on the menu icon at the top left and click on "My apps and my games".Search the WhatsApp icon in the list that appears, after finding it check what appears to the right of the icon. The word "Update", It means that the app presents an update and clicking on the icon, you will start the procedure to install the latest version available. You will need to click on "Refresh"And then up"I accept"And the update will install automatically on your Android device.

If, on the other hand, the word "Installed“, It means that there are no updates available to install on the device.

WhatsApp update 2At this point you should check if the automatic update installation procedure is activated, so that next time WhatsApp updates will be installed automatically. To do this, open the Play Store from the application page, click on Men and select "Settings"Which is at the bottom of the menu At this point you have to click on "Automatic update of the apps"And select"Automatic app update only via Wi-Fi", So you won't have any data consumption when an update is downloaded.

How to update WhatsApp for iPhone

WhatsApp for iPhone is constantly updated and to get the latest version necessary to have iOS 6 or later. Needless to say, to ensure the best use, we recommend using the latest version of iOS. WhatsApp can also be installed on jailbroken iPhone even if assistance is not provided for these devices.

The first step to do to update WhatsApp is to go to App Store and select "Updates"Located at the bottom of the screen. Check if the WhatsApp icon appears in the list of Apps to be updated (next to the app icon the "Update" button appears). If it appears, click on "Refresh"And the app will update to the latest version. If the WhatsApp icon does not appear, it means that the latest version is already installed on your iPhone.

To be sure that the next version of WhatsApp will be installed automatically, verify that the automatic procedure is active on the iPhone. To do this, go in Settings -> iTunes Store and App Store -> under the section "Automatic Downloads"Put on ON Updates option. In this way you will have activated the automatic download.

How to update WhatsApp for Windows Phone

Now let's see how to update WhatsApp Messenger on devices with the Windows Phone platform. Click on the tile of the Windows Store and then click on the "Other". From here select the item "Download"And choose the WhatsApp app icon, finally clicking on"Refresh"To complete the installation procedure of the latest version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp update 4

Also on these devices it is possible to set the automatic update of the apps. Go to the installed and select applications "Settings", Go to Applications and select"Store". Now go up "Updates"And in correspondence with the item"Update the apps automatically"select ON.

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