How to track shipments on Android smartphones

How to track shipments on Android smartphones

You have purchased a product online and have chosen the courier or courier service of the Italian Post Office as the shipping method, so that you can receive the tracking number and always know where the package is. But if you're away from home and can't turn on your PC,how to track shipments via the Android smartphone?

In this guide, I will show you the best free apps to track shipments of all major Italian couriers, including mailed parcel shipments (parcels and registered mail).

How to track shipments on Android

Deliveries Package Tracker

how to track shipments

Deliveries Package Tracker a free app for Android that can effectively track any type of shipment. Once the app is open, just click on the + symbol at the bottom right, enter the tracking code and choose the courier. Each time the tracking receives an update a notification will arrive on your smartphone with the last position of the package. Good compatibility with couriers for parcels arriving from China or abroad.

You can download this app for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Deliveries Package Tracker

Mobile TrackChecker

how to track shipments

How to track down shipments that arrive mainly from abroad? If you buy a lot from Gearbest or stores that have Chinese warehouses you can use the Mobile TrackChecker app. Excellent compatibility with foreign couriers, but also useful for tracking simple packages arriving from Italy (for example Amazon or eBay packages).

You can download this app for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Mobile TrackChecker

Post office

how to track shipments

Poste Italiane's official app is a good starting point for looking for postal-managed shipments. If you need to receive an urgent registered letter or a Quick Package (of any kind) you can find information on the shipment by entering the tracking number of the same in the search field of the app.

You can download this app for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Post office

Telegram (Bot)

Telegram a free WhatsApp-style messaging app but with many interesting additional features; among these is support for Bots, small programs able to perform tasks based on the commands or strings provided.

Among the Telegram Bots there is also the one to trace the packages: in this way it will be enough for you to start the Bot command list (symbol with / surrounded by a type of square with rounded corners), select Track a new shipment and enter the tracking number.

how to track shipments

The app immediately recognizes the courier of the shipment (in case of multiple choice choose the precise courier) and allows you to immediately track each package. At each change in the tracking, a Telegram notification will appear to notify us of the transit of the package.

You can download Telegram on your smartphone for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Telegram

To integrate the right Bot (TrackBot) click on the following link from smarphone as soon as you have installed and configured Telegram.


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