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How to sync Apple Calendar with Alexa

How to sync Apple Calendar with Alexa

If you are using Amazon's smart speakers, you will be happy to know that you can now sync your iCloud calendar with Alexa. Initially, only Google and Microsoft's calendar could be synchronized with Alexa, so the new feature was a huge relief for people who are linked in the Apple ecosystem and depend on iCloud for everything. One of Alexa's favorite things that I can easily add events to my calendar and remember them without even having to raise my hand. Now even the most experienced Apple users will appreciate these features without problems. However, some steps are required before you can start the sync function.

Apple takes security gaming very seriously. To maintain a high level of security, Apple does not allow users to access third-party apps using their primary Apple ID and password . Instead, users can generate app-specific passwords to access third-party apps. So as you access the iCloud calendar within the Alexa App, you will notice that it is requesting an app specific password and not your iCloud password. So before we can sync our iCloud calendar within the Alexa app, we'll have to generate specific app specific passwords . If you don't know how to do it, follow the steps to get the app specific password.

Generating app-specific passwords

To generate an app-specific password, you must first enable two-factor authentication on your iCloud account.

  1. Visit the official Apple ID website e log in with your credentials . Scroll down until you find the options " Safety "and click" Enable two-factor authentication ".
  2. Now, choose the correct country code and enter yours telephone number .

3. Enter the verification code just received and click "Continue" to verify your devices.

4. After enabling two-factor authentication, you will see that in the " Safety "there is an option for generate specific passwords for app . Click on it and follow the steps.

5. When you click "Generate password", a pop-up window will appear asking you to enter a password label . Don't worry, just one way for you to remember which password you used for which app. You can type anything you like. I called him Alexa for obvious reasons. Awards " Create "after finishing.

6. You will see that automatically generates a 16 character long password for you. 25 passwords can be generated and maintained at a time. Remember not to use the same password for two different apps, as it won't work. To manage your passwords, click on the "Change" button " in the upper right corner. Here you can delete app specific passwords. Deleting a password revokes access to the corresponding app and disconnects you from it.

Syncing your iCloud calendar with the Alexa app

Make sure you've already installed the Alexa app on your iPhone and paired your Amazon smart speaker. If you haven't, please do it first. Now open the Alexa app and touch the hamburger menu. Go up Settings-> Calendar and you will find an option to link your Apple iCloud calendar.

After tapping on the Apple iCloud option, the app will guide you through the app-specific password generation process. But, we've already done it, so just press " Keep on "until you see the login page.

On the login page, enter yours Apple ID and the specific password for L' app that we previously generated to grant Alexa access to your iCloud calendar. thus, as soon as you are logged in, Alexa will be able to access your iCloud calendar.

All ready to sync Apple Calendar with Alexa

Syncing your calendar with Alexa opens up a new realm of possibilities. It will be like having your own personal time keeper who writes down all your time-based events and activities and will remember you before they are due. Personally, I really like this feature. Now users of the Apple calendar can also access these features. Sync your calendars from your iPhone and let us know your favorite Alexa features in the comments section below.