Come navigare in anonimo su Android con Firefox

How to surf anonymously on Android with Firefox and Google Chrome

Before seeing such as surf anonymously on Android with Firefox is Google Chrome, the two most popular browsers on the Google mobile platform, we premise that keep the privacy Networking arduous enterprise. Everything can be easily traced. Lonline anonymity not guaranteed even if you browse incognito, since the internet connection provider registers the web pages on which you connected. However, in anonymous browsingsome advantage c. Except for bookmarks and bookmarks, browsers are not able to keep any trace of history inherent in internet browsing, downloads, passwords, cookies, temporary files and filling in online forms. The provider of the internet connection, on the other hand, will keep the register of the pages visited. Also, if you want to see a new change made on a website, you don't need to remove the cache every time. Another good solution to guarantee anonymity is to choose a free vpn to browse incognito.

Let us now turn to the focus of the article.

How to surf anonymously on Android if you use Firefox as browser? The very simple procedure, since you just need to drag your finger from up to down, going to create an anonymous card. The purpose of this gesture is to show you all the tabs open at that time and, in the event, to guarantee you the opportunity to add others. On the top of your device screen, you will see three icons. What do they symbolize? The first from the left allows you to view all the open tabs in the classic mode; the second, placed in the center, works exactly like a mask which, once touched together with the symbol + New Private Tab, allows you to browse anonymously. The third from the right allows you to update the contents.

how to surf anonymously on Android with Google Chrome

Google Chrome the browser most frequently used by owners of Android smartphones and tablets. How to surf anonymously on Android with the browser Big G? In the new version of Google Chorme, based on the Material Design and ready for native integration into Android L, all you have to do is press the physical button Men or the virtual one of the device and select the item New incognito card. As a rule, just touch the menu icon and choose the same option mentioned above. Regardless of the mode, the Google Chrome in fact already scheduled for the anonymous browsing. To open multiple tabs in order to navigate incognito, just repeat the procedure several times.

Now you know such as surf anonymously on Android with Firefox is Google Chrome. How should you adjust with other browsers? The operations to be followed do not differ much from those indicated for Firefox and for Google Chrome. All surfers have the voice to start the incognito session.

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