How to shoot in H.265 on OnePlus 5

How to shoot in H.265 on OnePlus 5

Maybe not everyone knows it, but do it shooting in H.265 on OnePlus 5 (HEVC) can be considered a valid solution to save space on the memory of your Smartphone. The formatHigh-Efficiency Video Coding, in fact, it allows the maximum compression of the video file, so that, with the same quality, it allows a significant memory savingcompared to the older and more widespread H.264 (AVC).

We have all become videomakers, and we like to take videos on every occasion, but this favors the fast exhaustion of the smartphone's internal memory, but recording video with the H.265 codec helps to save memory space. In the case of OnePlus 5 you can record videos in H.265 by following a few simple steps. If you too have this problem, read on to find out how to shoot in H.265 on OnePlus 5.shooting in H.265 on OnePlus 5

How to shoot in H.265 on OnePlus 5 and save space

With this guide we will explain how to enable the H.265 codec on the new and powerful OnePlus 5. All this is possible by following a few simple steps that will change a system file, lowering the video bitrate24Mbpsin 4K (default 42Mbps), a 11Mbpsin 1080p (default 20Mbps) eda8Mbpsin 720p (default 14Mbps). All of course,without significant loss of video quality.

So, taking advantage of this mod, the video footage of OnePlus 5 in 720p, 1080p and 4k resolution will benefit from a much more efficient compression, which manages to maintain the highest quality while minimizing disk space.

Considering that the modification concerns a system file, you need root permissions on OnePlus 5 (in case you didn't get them, you can follow this guide):

The very simple procedure, follow these steps:

  1. You must copy the media_profiles.xml file on OnePlus 5 available at this address;
  2. Now open the file browser and, if requested, grant root permissions;
  3. Go up/ System / etc;
  4. It is necessary to rename the filemedia_profiles.xml in media_profilesold.xml;
  5. Go to the folder where the file was copiedmedia_profiles.xmlthat you downloaded earlier;
  6. Make a long tap on the file and then click on the button Copy;
  7. Come back up/ System / etcand paste the file;
  8. At this point, restart the device.

If you have faithfully followed these steps, our OnePlus 5 will be enabled to make recordings in H.265 (HEVC).