How to send WhatsApp messages using Siri

How to send WhatsApp messages using Siri

The well-known messaging application Whatsapp introduced with the latest update an important novelty, able to permanently retire the iPhone keyboard. was in fact introduced, with the version 2:17:20, support with Siri, so being able to use the Apple voice assistant to perform various operations. Let's find out how to send WhatsApp messages using Siri, or make calls with Apple's voice assistant.

WhatsApp: all we can ask Siri

As we all know, with iOS 10 Apple has finally opened its Siri voice assistant to third-party applications. After several months, finally too Whatsapp one of these, adding support with Apple's voice assistant. It will therefore be possible to sendto read messagesor make calls from the application without using the iPhone keyboard.

To make the best use of this function necessary to formulate precise sentences.

How to send WhatsApp messages using Siri

The simplest operation is that of to send a message. Actually activate Siri and say the following command:

"Send a message to (name) on WhatsApp"

You can also send messages to a group. In this case the sentence should be:

"Send a message to (group name) on WhatsApp"send WhatsApp messages using SiriRemember to allow access to data on WhatsApp by replying "Yes"When asked by Siri, or by clicking on"Yes”At the end of the message.

How to read messages received on WhatsApp

Besides writing and sending messages, Siri can also read received messages. Currently, it is possible to only read the unread messages, just like the messages application.

Also in this case, it is possible to have a message received (and not read) read by a single contact or within a group.

"Read messages on WhatsApp of (name)"


"Read the messages on the group's WhatsApp (group name)"

Sometimes it may happen that you are still unable to give the order to Siri, who will answer you not having understood. In this case it may be useful to simply pronounce: "Read messages on WhatsApp", without specifying the name. In this way Siri read all unread messages present in the application.

If the assistant answers "No message found", it means there are no unread messages.

Make calls on WhatsApp using Siri

Finally, Siri also able to make a call on WhatsApp. The operation is exactly the same as when we want to send a message. It will therefore be sufficient to say the following message:

"Call (name) on WhatsApp"

WhatsApp from update to update, is becoming a complete app not only for messaging, but also for phone calls. Already in a previous update we saw the introduction of the possibility to format the text on WhatsApp.