come inviare foto whatsapp senza perdere qualita

How to send photos on WhatsApp without losing quality

A very easy procedure to prevent instant messaging software from compressing images too much to share

how to send whatsapp photos without losing quality(Screenshot: Whatsapp)

How to send photos on WhatsApp without losing quality that is, without the instant messaging software for Android and iOS going to compress too much and lower the resolution widening the image? The procedure is much simpler and more practical than you can imagine, since you have to bypass the function to share a photograph with a contact and consider the multimedia element as a normal file. The process changes from Android to iOS.

How to send an uncompressed photo on WhatsApp with Android

In fact, you must avoid tapping on the staple and choosing photos and then picking one from the internal gallery as much as, again from the staple, choosing the item Document marked with the text type file icon.

From here, tap on Browse other documents to open the file manager. Usually the photo among the last taken and therefore you will easily find yourself from the menu Recent which opens by default. If not, just tap on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner (the three parallel dashes) and choose Images (or other folder) e Camera until scrolling to the desired one.

Summing up:

– Tap on paperclip

– Tap on Documents> Browse other documents> Images> Camera

– Choose the photo

How to send an uncompressed photo on WhatsApp with iOS

With iPhone the discussion changes because you need one more step, that is to open the gallery with all your personal photos, select the file and, from the sharing options, save it on iBooks. You will create a pdf shareable from paperclip> Documents as above that the recipient will receive at full resolution and that he can rename .jpg.

Very simple and straightforward, of course if the photo was taken with an SLR the file could also be very heavy (but it cannot be never more than 16 mb, limit imposed by WhatsApp, therefore assess whether to use a wi-fi network or personal data traffic).

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