How to send files not supported by WhatsApp Android

How to send files not supported by WhatsApp Android

When it comes to messaging services, undoubtedly WhatsApp is the most popular of all. The application also comes on top of the preferences even when the most popular Apps are on Google Play Store or App Store. But if the most popular, WhatsApp certainly not the most functional. To send messages this app is unrivaled, but many of us also need some extra features. For example, Telegram and other messaging applications allow you to share any file, with a specific size limit. On the other hand, WhatsApp allows users to share multimedia files and documents only. For not everyone. Using an app likeSteg, possible forsend files not supported by WhatsApp, using Android devices.

Steg an application developed by LordFME and published on the XDA forum. The name Steg derives from Steganography, the art of hiding data from other data. This basically what this application does. The application encodes any file in a PDF file, which a file format supported and shared via WhatsApp. After doing the normal procedure to send the PDF file via WhatsApp, the other person who receives it, can decode it using Steg directly from WhatsApp and then view the file in its real format.

Users can send a Avi video files, a zip file or RAR, a APK fileor any other format. The list of supported file formats in theory unlimited. All this, without the hassle of attaching the file to an e-mail or uploading it to the cloud and then sharing a link. Unfortunately, the application is not available for download in the Google Play Store. However we have it in the APK format that you can download and install on your Android device from the XDA forum.

Send files not supported by WhatsApp with Steg

  • Transfer the APK file to your Android device.
  • Go to Settings> Securityis activeUnknown sources.
  • Using a file explorer of your choice, go to the APK file and click on it, then select Install.

send files not supported by WhatsApp 3

  • Once installed Steg, no configuration required.
  • All you need to do is find the file you want to send on your Android device. A file that WhatsApp does not normally allow to send.
  • Long press on the file to send and select Share, then choose Steg from the application list.

send files not supported by WhatsApp 2

  • There is nothing else to set on Steg. Just click on the "Encoding ".
  • You will receive a message when the encoding completes. a fairly simple and fast process.
  • Once the encoding is complete, click on "Share encoded file ".
  • Choose WhatsApp from the application list and then select the contact you want to send the file to.
  • To open the file, the destination contact must also have Steg installed on his Android device.
  • If the application is also installed on the receiver device, the latter simply needs to click on the file in the WhatsApp thread and select Steg to open the file if it does not open automatically.

send files not supported by WhatsApp 1

  • From here, the receiver must click on "Decoding " and therefore "Open decoded files ".

The file, you'll see that it opens normally. As you can see, it is very easy to send files not supported by WhatsApp on Android devices. As long as both contacts have the same app installed Steg.