How to save passwords on Android

How to save passwords on Android

Have you forgotten the access password to your favorite service or app for the umpteenth time? Instead of using a single password for several services (choice at least questionable from the point of view of security) you can choose a different password for each site, letting you help from some dedicated apps to save all passwords in a secret safe and secure, so as not to be afraid of forgetting them. In this guide you will find all the best apps forsave passwords on Android through online service or through cloud synchronization, so as to be able to reuse them even on other devices such as PCs, tablets and anything else that supports Internet access.

How to save passwords on Android


save passwords on Android

Among the most used services, pass the passwords on Android and Lastpass. With this app installed on your device you will be able to save all the access data to sites and other apps in a protected and encrypted online space, accessible only to you through a Master password, via SMS security codes or by fingerprint. Once the passwords are saved in this app it will remain active in the background and in the notification bar ready to facilitate access if one of the saved passwords is necessary to access a service or app; LastPass will automatically show you the access data and fill in the fields for you, leaving you free to use any password without fear of forgetting it.

You can download Lastpass for free for your Android smartphone from the following link.


If you want to use LastPass on your PC or on your browser, you will need to use the following link to recover the LastPass extension or the right application.

LINK | LastPass

Keepass2Android + Drive

If you worry about saving your passwords online because of hackers, you can create a synchronization system for the "safe" of your passwords thanks to Keepass, an app for Android and Google Drive. First of all, keep a PC with Windows handy and install Google Drive on it; you can download it using the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Google Drive

Once downloaded access with your Google credentials and remember the synchronization folder that this program creates on your PC; now installs the KeePass program on your computer, available at the following link (download the Professional version, free).


Open this app now and create a new database (your password safe) by clicking on above New.

save passwords on Android

Create this new database in the Drive folder, so that you have this file always synchronized wherever you go. The program will ask you to enter a Master Password to access the safe, enter it and confirm to create the database.

save passwords on Android

Enter your passwords for apps and online sites in the new database, then click on the button at the top Save inside the KeePass window for the changes to take effect.

save passwords on Android

Now you can take it to your Android smartphone and install the KeePass2Android app, available for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Keepass2Android

At the opening of the app you will just need to tap on Open file and then tap on Google Drive.

save passwords on Android

You will be asked for credentials to access Google Drive and show you the contents of your cloud space; inside it select the file created by KeePass on the PC.

From now on, by opening this app, you can save passwords on Android for all the services and apps you use, without having to rely on a third-party service and always having maximum control over all your passwords.

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