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How to save Android battery with Greenify

Come risparmiare batteria Android Greenify

If the dream of most owners of smartphones and tablets is to be able to count on one battery which guarantees greater autonomy, regardless of the model and the mobile operating system, means that there is still a lot of work to be done on this component. However, to save battery or to increase battery life, you can follow some tips or download and install specific applications. In this regard, with today's guide we will see such as save Android battery with Greenify, free application of the instruments category, released by Oasis Feng.

Conditio sine qua non for its correct functioning, the root. From the first start, you will notice how easy it is to use Greenify. Select the button +, located at the bottom left, in order to view the complete list of applications installed on the device.

How to save Android battery with Greenify

The aspect that makes the use of this application unique is the rigorous order in which you are shown the applications that have the greatest impact on the energy consumption of your Android smartphone or tablet. It's up to you to decide which applications to select using the confirmation button, located at the top right. Keep in mind that Google + and Facebook, in general, are among the most expensive. Now you know such as save Android battery with Greenify. Nothing could be simpler, given the intuitive user interface of the application. True?

However, in the face of a high level of customization, this free application has a myriad of innovative features. By pressing the button , located at the bottom right, Greenify shows you the book-enabled applications. In contrast, you can also disable the self-hibernation of the applications: in this way, the operation can be performed only manually. Selecting the option Create Hibernation Shortcut, you will only create a link on the homescreen that will be useful for manually hibernating the previously selected applications.

In short, to increase the battery life of your Android device, Greenify a viable solution

Link Play Store: Greenify

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