How to remove WhatsApp viruses from mobile

How to remove WhatsApp viruses from mobile

Attacks involving WhatsApp are increasingly numerous, it takes very little to infect your phone with one of the viruses designed to take advantage of the chat of the famous app. Usually it is enough to click on a link (the most used deceptive methods are links to discounts, coupons or bogus store offers) to see your WhatsApp send messages automatically with the intention of spreading the fake link and then the virus. In the worst case it can also be deducted from the SIM Card! It is becoming a real danger for all WhatsApp users, and they are not few, so it is urgent to know how to get rid of them should it happen to you too. In this guide I will show you how can you remove WhatsApp viruses and how to prevent their future attack.

Remove WhatsApp viruses

Uninstalling app

If you notice that your WhatsApp starts sending messages with fake links in the chats of your contacts, you have to intervene promptly before the infection spreads. Disconnect the Internet from your smartphone first, so as to prevent the spread; to do this you can use the quick keys normally available in the notification bar (detaches both the data connection and the WiFi connection).

remove WhatsApp viruses

Once the Internet connection is deactivated, the only way to remove WhatsApp viruses is to remove and reinstall the messaging app from your smartphone, be it Android or an iPhone.

To uninstall the app and remove WhatsApp viruses, just take the menu Settings -> Applications (or similar names like Apps, Applications installed etc.), find the entry for the WhatsApp app and click in the new window on Uninstall. Alternatively you can search the WhatsApp app in the Google Play Store or on the App Store and click on the button Uninstall present in the window of presentation of the app.

remove WhatsApp viruses

Once the app is uninstalled the virus will disappear, you can re-enable Internet connections! To reuse the WhatsApp app, simply search for it in the Google Play Store or in the App Store and click Install (this button will appear only after removing the app).

Protect WhatsApp from infections

Unfortunately it is not easy to defend yourself from infections and remove WhatsApp viruses, because these virus links spread quickly from trusted contacts and use advanced techniques (discounts, coupons, offers, gifts, etc.) to convince people to click on them and become infected. To avoid these viruses, just follow a few simple rules:

  • Carefully avoid clicking on the links that show you offers, coupons, discounts
  • Notify the user who shared a danger virus link and follow this guide
  • Don't add people you don't know or don't get into groups of strangers
  • Install a specific antivirus for WhatsApp virus links

If you want to install a good antivirus that can block WhatsApp virus links you can try Kaspersky Antivirus & Security, available for Android at the following link.

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remove WhatsApp viruses

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