How to remove the lock screen on Mediatek devices

How to remove the lock screen on Mediatek devices

You may find yourself in a position to forget the unlocking code of your smartphone or tablet with a Mediatek processor. In fact, almost all Chinese phones use this processor, therefore, this guide mainly for these devices. In the guide that follows, you will find the step by step instructions that will allow you to remove the lock screen on Mediatek devices, both smartphones and tablets, using SP Flash Tool compatible with Windows computers.

Requirements: to correctly remove the screen lock sequence, you need the stock firmware of your smartphone and tablet with a Mediatek processor. If you are not provided, you must download it from the manufacturer's website.

Caution: Moreover, following this procedure your personal data will be removed and it will no longer be possible to recover them. So be careful.

How to remove the lock screen on Mediatek devices

Step 1: Download and install the Mediatek drivers – – on the computer (if the Mediatek Drivers are already installed on your computer, then skip this step).

Step 2: Download and extract SP Flash Tool on your computer. After the extraction you will be able to see the following files:remove the lock screen 1

Step 3: Download and extract Mediatek stock firmware of your smartphone or tablet with Mediatek processor. If you don't know where to download Mediatek Firmware, use Firmware File to find the free firmware for more than 6000 devices.

Step 4: Now turn off the device.remove the lock screen 2Step 5: Open SP Flash Tool.remove the lock screen 3Step 6: Click on the button Scatter Loading and select the fileScatter from the firmware folder (you will find the Scatter file in all Mediatek Firmware).

remove the lock screen 4

remove the lock screen 5

Step 7: Once the Scatter file has been loaded into the SP Flash Tool, you can view the following screen:

remove the lock screen 6Step 8: Now, select the item from the drop-down menuDownload Only.

remove the lock screen 7Step 9: Remove the tick from all the available boxes, except for userdata.

remove the lock screen 8Step 10: Now, click on the Download button.

remove the lock screen 9Step 11: Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable (make sure the device is turned off).

Step 12: Now, press the Volume Up key or the Volume Down key so that the SP Flash Tool can recognize the device and start the flashing process.

Step 13: Once the flashing process is complete you will see the green check at the end, a sign that the process was successful.

remove the lock screen 10

Step 14: Now, close SP Flash Tool on the computer and disconnect the device from the computer.

Step 15: Restart the device. Once the device is restarted, you will no longer see the lock sequence on the screen.