How to remove root permanently on Android devices

How to remove root permanently on Android devices

Have you tried root permissions on your Android smartphone or tablet but haven't gotten what you were hoping for? Do you need to bring your smartphone in assistance and want to remove any customization? Whatever the need to remove root permissions on your Android device, you've found the right guide for you! If you have Android root permissions, here you will find the methods that allow you toremove root definitively from your Android device (unroot).

Remove root permanently on Android


The app to manage the most famous root permissions of the Android store also offers the possibility to remove root permanently from your device, regardless of the method used to unlock the permissions. To be able to remove root with SuperSU first of all download the app for free (if you haven't already).


Once installed on the device, open the app and go to the tab Settingsand click on the item Complete unroot.A confirmation window will appear to clean the root, click on Keep it going.remove root

After a few seconds, the root will be removed from your Android device, restart the phone to complete the change.

Unfortunately this method to remove root permissions is not 100% effective, because on some devices the root is supplied by the kernel itself at boot, so removing it with this system is not always effective. In this case you can also follow the other procedure that we propose to remove root from your device.

Manual procedure to remove root

You can remove root using a file manager compatible with root permissions (like File Manager). Once the file manager is open, make sure you get root permissions and visit the following folder

/ System / bin /

Locate in this folder the file called "up”And delete it by holding down on the file and selecting Delete.

Not always the root file present in that folder; in that case you can check in the following folder.

/ System / xbin /

Even in this case it is sufficient to find the executable with name "up”And delete it. Restart the device (you can also turn it off and turn it on): your phone is no longer rooted! You can uninstall any apps you use to manage root permissions (like SuperSU).

Even this system is not 100% effective, especially for devices that integrate root into the kernel. Then I propose this third method which has a more radical procedure for eliminating permits.

Delete root with a new ROM

The last method you can use to remove root flashes a new ROM or a new recovery on the device. To do that, I suggest you read the guides below, where you can find all the steps to format any device.

LINK |How to flash ROM on Android phone

LINK |TWRP Recovery: cos and how to install it on Android smartphones

Download an official ROM

You can easily remove root by flashing an original ROM on the device. In this way it will return as factory exits and the root permissions will no longer be present! Below you can find the list of the main smartphone manufacturers with the sites from which to retrieve the official ROMs.

Just search for the specific ROM for your smartphone and download it. After downloading the ROM for your device model, use one of the recommended tools below to flash the ROM.

Check root on the device if present

Have you followed one of the recommended methods above? You can check if the root is still present on your device by installing the Root Checker, available for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Root Checker

remove root

Once the app is installed on the device, just start it, so you can find out if the procedure you followed to remove root has been successful.