How to remap the Bixby button without root (Help)

How to remap the Bixby button without root (Help)

Before entering this article, I would like to clarify one thing, I love Bixby. When Bixby was launched and I used it, it was immediately clear how useful the new voice assistant was. However, I think keeping a dedicated button to summon it is a bit too much, especially when you can easily call Bixby with a voice command. If only we could remap that button to our liking. Well, we've already covered a method that allowed users to do it, but that method required root. Well, today we will show you a method by which you can remap the Bixby button without root. Not only that, it is also possible to assign different functions for single pressure, double pressure and long pressure actions. So, if you're intrigued now, here's how to remap the Bixby button without root:

Remap the Bixby button to perform any action

Note : I tried the following process on our Galaxy S8 with Android 7.1, but the process should be identical for both Note 8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

To remap the Bixby button, we will use the help of a third-party app available on the Play Store. You will also need a handy computer that will be used to grant permissions to that app. So with the computer and phone ready, we remake the Bixby button:

  1. Download and install the app bxActions from the Play Store by clicking here.
  2. Open the app e touch "Continue" . Now you can choose two different modes to remap the Bixby button, the first "Block mode" and the second "Control mode".

The lock mode when it enables the first Bixby blocks and then executes the function (so you will see the Bixby icon for a moment before it is locked), while the "Control mode" disables Bixby so that it is no longer visible . Moreover, to enable the lock mode, a PC is not necessary, but necessary to enable the control mode. However, although the control mode is more difficult to activate, it also offers more functionality. With the lock mode, you can perform only one action with the Bixby button while the control mode allows you to perform more functions that we will see later in this tutorial.

Remap the Bixby button: lock mode

  1. Enable lock mode quite easy as you don't need a computer to do it. That's enough tap the switch next to where it says "Lock Mode" and enable it . Here, you have two options (Performance and Comfort), choose one.

2. Next, the app will request accessibility permissions. Click on the "OK" button to go directly to the accessibility settings . Scroll down to find "bxActions" e enables the Bixby Performance and Bixby Comfort options.
3. Now tap the Back button to return to the app and press the button "Now enjoy" and then touch "Actions" .
4. Here, tap "Bixby" and then on "Standard action" .
5. Now, here you can customize the button according to your heart . Under "Button" you can disable or enable the Bixby button. So you can choose an app or a custom link that will be launched when you press the Bixby button . I can't explain all the features, so analyze them and see what you want the button to do.

For reference, I'm choosing to launch the camera with it . So when I press the Bixby button, it first opens the Bixby home page and then locks and opens the camera app. Most often it is so fast that you won't even notice the opening and blocking of the Bixby home page. However, if you want to cut the launch and block of Bixby and the mover directly to your actions, use the second method explained below:

Remap the Bixby button: control mode

In the control mode, we have the advantage of using the Bixby button for perform multiple functions using single pressure, double pressure and long press actions . Not only that, you can also assign different functions to these buttons depending on whether you are on the lock screen or on the home screen. So, let's see how to do it, right?

1. First of all, start the app and deactivate the lock mode by touching the buttons and turning off the switch .

2. Now, touch the control mode and then tap "Please unblock permissions using a PC" .

3. Now, there are two ways to grant permissions. In this tutorial, we will show the method that will work the same way on PC and Mac. For the method to work, you need to install ADB on your computer . Click here for information on how to configure ADB on a computer. Now connect the phone to the device using a cable, then start Terminal (Mac) or Command Prompt (PC). Since I have a Mac, I'm using Terminal.

4. Now copy and paste the following command in the terminal / command prompt and press enter / enter. We're doing it to see if everything's okay. If your device is connected correctly, you will see an alphanumeric code that represents your device followed by the word device, as shown in the figure below.

 dispositivi adb 

5. Now, copy and paste the following command and press enter / return .

 adb shell pm concede com.jamworks.bxactions android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS 

6. Again copy and paste the following command and press enter / send.

 adb shell pm concede com.jamworks.bxactions android.permission.READ_LOGS 

7. Now, disconnect and restart the phone . Start the app again and tap Buttons and then in Control mode. Here, you should see the text "Authorizations granted", demonstrating the success of our process.

8. Now, tap the following link to download the APK file for the adhell ​​app and install it, then follow the on-screen instructions to grant permissions to the app. We need to install this to disable Bixby Home.

9. Now, on the app's home page, tap "package disabler" and then find Bixby Home and disable it .

10. Now, return to control mode e enable it and tap the "Actions" button on the bxActions app home page.

11. Here, touch on Bixby . On this page, as you can see, you can remap the single press, double press and long press action for the Bixby button . However, Double Press and Long Press shares are paid options and you will need to purchase the app for $ 1, 99 to use them.

12. For now, we will configure the Single press action (both double press and long press action can be set the same way after purchasing the Pro version. Tap the Single press option and then select from multitudes of options when done in step 5 of the lock mode. To keep the same things, I choose the camera to launch again after pressing the Bixby button.

When you set the control mode, you will see that any action you have mapped to the Bixby button happens instantly. The method works as if the button was provided with natively programmable features. Well, we're done now. The process could be a little longer, however, once set, it's worth it

Remap the Bixby rootless button on Galaxy Note 8 or Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

As I said before, Bixby is fantastic. But, don't just believe in the word, read our comparison between Bixby and Google Assistant vs Siri, to see for yourself. However, the Bixby button is something that an added accessory and its remapping returns more control to the users. Using the above methods you can remap the Bixby button to perform any action including app launching, shortcut execution, media playback controls and more. So, try it on your phone and let us know in the comments section below how it goes. Also, because the method is a little more complex, if you're stuck anywhere, feel free to leave your questions below.