Messaggi Instagram senza conferma lettura

How to read messages on Instagram without reading confirmation

The empirical method (and a little long) yet functional, both on Android and iOS

Instagram messages without reading confirmation(Photo: on Pexels)

Like read the messages received on Instagram without leaving the opening confirmation to the sender? Unlike many other applications with or with internal messaging like Whatsapp, on the photo social network you can take advantage of a little trick to bypass this function that cannot be deactivated and that puts the stick in the wheels of privacy a little. empirical, but for now it works and it doesn't take much effort.

On WhatsApp it is possible to disable the blue ticks (thus, with 14 other tricks), losing (rightly) the possibility of finding out if others also read our messages. On Instagram, however, you cannot and so you can take full advantage of thepreview of the notification area to read a portion of the message but if this long … nada.

Fortunately, there is a method ready for use. The first necessary step is to do not strictly click on the message notification or open it within the app's internal mailbox.

The second step is that of open the mailbox with a tap (both on iOS therefore iPhone and on Android) on the icon of the letter in the shape of a paper airplane at the top right. However, you will have to stay, without opening the message.

The third step is that of disable the connection (therefore both wi-fi and cellular). A swipe is enough on both operating systems: from top to bottom on Android and vice versa on iOS. So, a double tap on the icons of the two connections.

The fourth step is that of open the message and read it. Please note: if you have received a video or an image, it may happen that you cannot upload it with this method, but only with guaranteed text.

The fifth passage is that of log-out therefore you have to tap on the personal profile icon at the bottom right, then on the Settings menu (gear) at the bottom of the pop-up menu and click on Go out. For maximum safety, you can restart the device, otherwise just forcefully close the app from the multitasking menu.

The sixth step reopen the app and regain access. To confirm that the message read has in the meantime returned to the unread state, just open the mailbox (but not the message) and you will still see the blue dot which means, in fact, unread.

In fact, to complete everything with the maximum efficiency necessary before hide the status of the activity because otherwise the sender will see that we have made a post access to the consignment and may be suspicious. The passage Profile> Menu> Settings> Privacy and security> Activity status> deactivate. In doing so, remember, we will no longer be able to discover the last activity of others; the price to pay for a little more discretion.

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